247-Kevin and Aisha are dumbfounded.

People gathered in the church, smiles on their faces, watching the two young men take their vows.

One is a slender woman with a long head of brown hair tied up in twin tails.
With her large, brown eyes, she would be considered beautiful by anyone who saw her.
However, she is a rather strong woman with an air of a predator.

One is a slender man with a golden head of hair brushed all back.
He has a neutral face and green eyes. To the uninitiated, he could be mistaken for a woman.
However, he seems to be a kind man with a strong core.  

The area around the two men is filled with people celebrating them.
The sheer number of people who could not believe that it was the wedding of the third son of a marquis family and the eldest daughter of a viscount family showed the good character and importance of the two people.

The younger brother of the Dauphin's wife and the younger sister of the first wizard of the human race.
But it's not a political marriage, it's pure love. The woman who used some forceful tactics may have heard words of disapproval from the women who were aiming for the man, but I'm sure those women were planning similar things behind the scenes.

Now, even though he was the son of a marquis, he was the third son. He is not a commoner, but he is not a member of a noble family either, he is just an aristocrat.

With the full backing of the Marquess of Dixon, the venue was large and there were many people in attendance. This was the Marquis of Dixon's intention to emphasize the connection with his son's wedding. He knew that his son had been preparing for the knighthood, but he had arranged it behind his back without telling his son.

On the day of the event, they abducted him, or rather, took him, or rather, brought him out in a carriage, whether he was there or not.

My son was dumbfounded,
'It's a gift of independence from me.
He managed to convince his stunned son that it was a gift of independence from me.

However, the bride, Aisha, somehow knew what was going on.
Because Aisha's father, Trolla, was not very good at hiding things from her,
'This outfit doesn't fit the scale.
Aisha's father, Trolla, was not good at hiding the fact that he was going to a royal wedding. This was because they had prepared costumes that looked like they were going to a royal wedding.

But I didn't expect it to be so gorgeous.

And to top it all off, there were drinks and food brought in from the Snakes Frontier Counts.
Deep fried green chicken, grilled udon noodles, goat cheese, mutton Genghis Khan, teriyaki burger, and many other dishes that the nobles of the capital had never eaten before.

The Dixons and the Snakes must have had a plan in advance. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to prepare this amount of food and drink.

'If you know about this, you should at least say something.
Aisha said,

'Your father is your father, but Count Snake is also Count Snake. It's completely turned into a venue to sell the local specialty of the Snakes Frontier Counties. Well, it's delicious, though.
Kevin said as he took a bite of the food in front of him.

In the distance, you can hear the drunken Marquis Simon engaging with DeCourse.
He's asking if he and his daughter have had children yet, and if he'll have grandchildren soon.

'You know what? We're supposed to be the stars of the show, aren't we?'
Aisha says to Kevin,

'We should be, but there are a lot of people with strong personalities. ...... Besides, these hamburgers are really good! Aisha, you should try it.
I've never seen a hamburger steak before,' he said, offering it to Aisha.

'Oh my! It's really delicious! It's so soft and the juices flow when you bite into it!
Aisha said,

'Is it good? I made this dish!
' says a voice.

'Oh, Brother Pat!
'My Lord! You made it, sir?'

'Yes! I made all the food for you two! It's my way of celebrating. You've never had it before, have you?'
Patrick smiles.

'It's delicious, but I think I'll get fat.
Aisha says,

'If you eat too much sometimes, just eat less the next day and you'll be fine. Besides, I heard that if you're too skinny, it's hard to have a baby, so be careful.
Patrick said,

'Oh, shut up! You're dirty! Get away from me!
Aisha got angry.

'Oh! I'm scared! Well, Kevin, good luck tonight!
With that, Patrick ran off.

'You know, you can be a bit of an old man sometimes ......'
Kevin said, but he had no way of knowing that Patrick was already over fifty years old, including his memories of his previous life.