248-the clanging of a bell by a cussnut

Cnut rings a bell.
On the watchtower of the Snakes' main residence.

The ringing of the bell is not the sound of an emergency.
Upon hearing the sound, the workers at the main residence look to the sky and leave the area. A distant flying object is approaching rapidly.

Two pterodactyls land softly near the main entrance of the main residence. On their backs are the master of this estate, Count Patrick von Snakes, and his wife, Sonalis Snakes.

Kuznats looks at the pterosaur from the top of the building and his mouth drops.

'It's still cool. It's a good thing I work here.
Says his colleague next to him,

'I think it's more scary than cool. I've gotten used to it, but I don't want to go near it.
I don't want to go near it. Well, that's what a normal person would say.

'Is that so? Well, maybe so. It's usually an object of fear.

'Yeah, it's a disaster-grade demon.

'It's amazing that the lord can control it.

'I strongly agree with that!

'I mean, aren't our knights amazing too?

'Yeah, Baron Wylie and Baron Van Pelt are spear masters, Ein-dono sends his men all over the kingdom to gather information, Captain Elvis is in charge of maintaining security in the crowded Snakes territory, and the best of all, Mirko-dono. He's still alive and accompanying that lord!

They both laughed when he said he was alive.

But after that, Cousnuts took over the guard duty with a replacement and went downstairs to eat in the dining hall, remembering the words of the "alive".

Since he started working here, he had heard many stories from the soldiers and servants.

The first orc king the lord encountered after joining the army.
A demon that normally would have died.

Then the troll. I'd say it's some kind of fairy tale that he and his men killed that thing.

A Cyclops killed by himself? What kind of hero are you?

And then there's the wyvern. That's outrageous.

But I can force myself to accept that he's still a lord.
But his men...

I've heard rumors that Lord Wayne is one of the top five in the kingdom, but Baron Wylie and Baron Van Pelt have survived to a lesser extent. I knew those two were capable when I saw them when they came to this territory.

But Lord Mirko is one or two ranks below them in strength.
And yet he survives. And he's been in the same place since the lord was sergeant!

Lord Colton, who often talks to me, is also in the same unit, but I heard that Lord Colton was not there at the time of the wyvern.

'Life and death are so close together. Or is it fate? Well, it's a strange thing that I'm working here. I'll just do the best I can and be recognized.'
When I said that,

'Yeah. I think that's good.
I heard a voice behind me.

When I turned around in surprise, Elvis was there.

'Captain! Don't startle me! At least make some footsteps!
Cousnut said to Elvis,

'If you don't train yourself not to make footsteps on a regular basis, the enemy will find you when the time comes!
Elvis said a little louder.

'That's true, but you'd better call out to them as you come.
' said Kusnatz, still speaking,

'Don't be shy, eat up! The master wants to see you!

With that, Kusnats had no words to reply.
He just swallowed his meal.