'You're here.'

Patrick said as he saw Cusnut being brought in by Elvis.

'Yes, my lord! I have come at your request!
Cusnut saluted with his heels together.

'Mm! Then I hand in my resignation! Kusnatz, you are hereby appointed as the chief of the surveillance department of the main residence guard! Keep up the good work!
'' he said to Patrick,

'Yes, sir! I'll do my best to keep up with my duties!
Kuznats replied in a loud voice.

'Good! Keep up the good work!

'Of course, sir!
After this exchange, Kusnats left the room with Elvis,

'Well? I can understand the main residence security force, but what is the surveillance department? Who's the chief?
He asks Elvis.

'The Surveillance Department is a new department that was established today, and it's the department to which the people who monitor the area around the main residence belong! There's also a security department and an equipment department.

'A new department? And what's a chief?

'A person who is mainly in charge of a job is called a chief, shortened to chief. It means the head of the department. You're in charge of the surveillance department, which means you're in charge of all the guards.

'What⁉︎ The captain's been doing it all this time! Why again? I'm still a newcomer, you know?
Kusunatsu's voice grew louder.

'I've been doing all the work until now, but there are too many people and I've reached my limit! I'm responsible for the security of the territory, guarding the mansion, and training the new recruits. There's so much to do! So I've decided to put you in charge of each department and leave you to it! I recommended you because you're good with people and get along well with your colleagues. Good for you! You're moving up in the world!
Elvis said with a bit of truth in his voice.

'Thanks, but I'm not sure that's a good idea.

'It's fine! There's no one in my family who would go against the lord's decision!

'That's for sure!
While talking like this, the soldiers working in the mansion were informed about their chiefs.

A few days later,
'Elvis, how are the ones you made chief afterwards?
Patrick asked Elvis,

'They're all in a state of limbo, but I think they're doing pretty well. Cousnuts, as a former slum boss, is especially good at winning people's hearts. He buys his subordinates food and drinks, and listens to their honest opinions at the bar to make improvements. And since you have the guts to complete the infinite running from the beginning, you might be able to handle the entire security force of the main residence, though we'll have to wait and see.
Elvis reported to Patrick.

'Then that's the way I want it. I need you to do your best in the war against the Empire. I would like to transfer the responsibility for the security of the territory and the house to someone else as soon as possible.

'We need to train our territorial soldiers, especially the new recruits.

'Yes, since we don't know how large the Imperial Guard will be.

'Yes, we're preparing in coordination with the Western Army, but there's no such thing as too much, so we'll do what we can.

'Yeah, leave the spare weapons, food, potions, and anything else that can be solved with money to me. You take care of the human resources.
Said Patrick,

'You asked for it!
Elvis replied with a little smile.