Patrick and Ein's conversation continued.

'Since we haven't taken any action yet, we can't do anything about it, and if we were to make a suggestion to the investigation department, the Keselowski's would squash it and His Majesty wouldn't hear about it, and even if the House were to make a suggestion to His Majesty, we wouldn't have any proof.
Ein said,

'Well. We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?
Patrick responds, crossing his arms and pondering.

'I guess we should be on our guard.

'His Royal Highness, Prince William, is a gentleman, and it's very doubtful that he would believe me if I told him. But we can't not report it, can we?

'There's something a little strange going on over there, too.


'The Prime Minister is also getting close to His Highness the Crown Prince.

Patrick's eyes widened.

'Actually, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Elizabeth is expecting a child.

'Really? Well, congratulations.

'Yes, I believe the announcement will only be made once she is in a stable phase. However, the fact that she is pregnant means that the ban on side rooms will be lifted.

'Oh, I see what you mean. You're planning to force your daughter into the side room.'

'Yes. He's trying to force his older daughter into Prince William's household.

'In the past, it would have been impossible to give wives to the two heirs to the throne due to the balance between the families, but now it is possible? Do you think His Majesty will allow it?

'As was mentioned earlier, the prince's engagement was said to be his own intention ......'.

'That's not good.'

'I can only see a future where the Prime Minister's power will increase.'

'I guess so. Which one of us is going to be the king? That's pretty awful. And he's going to let our money be used to defend the west and cut it down to solidify his own family's power. But what the hell is the Prime Minister up to? A daughter in the crown prince's side will accomplish his goal to some extent. There's still a chance she'll be king even if she's not his wife's child. The first child born won't necessarily be a boy. Isn't possibility enough for you? No, wait. Are you planning to collapse the Dauphin's house from the inside and pretend to save him, and in return have the throne transferred to the third prince?''

'It's possible!

'How much money is likely to be flowing?'

'The figure listed for the construction of the fort has been cross-checked with the Abbott frontier count's spies, and it's probably about a tenth going to the third prince, McClane.

'That's a lot of money. Have you reported it to Lord Abbott?

'I've shared the information with my contacts over there, so I'm sure they've heard. What do you want me to do?

'Would you be able to get a handle on the finer details of the money flow? Who it went to and how much. I'll report back to you with those numbers.'

'Yes, then I'll need a little more time. After all, the finance department and diplomats are tight-lipped.

'Normally, I'd say they're tight-lipped and trustworthy.

'As expected, if the Prime Minister finds out that we tortured him, he'll destroy the evidence, so we can't do that.

'Well, that's true. When we know the details, we should report it to His Royal Highness Prince William together with His Majesty, and ask him to be on the lookout.

'Then I will inform the Abbot family of your thoughts.

'Yes, do that. No, wait, I forgot that Lord Ryan's wife, Lady Crozier, is the third prince's sister! Make no further reports and keep an eye on the Abbotts' movements.'

'Yes, sir.

At this point, Patrick should have told him to torture her to get her to talk.

His Majesty the King of Mental died.

Twenty days later, Patrick heard the news in the Snakes' domain.