252-Patrick is surprised.

'My lord! It's important!
Ein, who was supposed to be in the royal capital, rushed into the office of the Snakes' mansion in a panic.

'What's going on? It's not like you to not even knock.
Patrick blamed him,

'My lord, there's no time for that! His Majesty has passed away!
Ein shouts loudly.

What? It's true.
Patrick's eyes widen and he asks Ein back,

'Yes! And it's the rebellion of the Third Prince McClane!
And the third prince McClane has rebelled!' came a more shocking report from Ein's mouth.

That's absurd. His Royal Highness Prince William will be⁉︎'

'With the help of the Dauphin's Kingsguard and the Royal Mages of Canaan, he has succeeded in escaping to the Dixon realm with the Crown Princess Elizabeth and the Queen, and is safe!

'My brother Decourse, you did it!
Patrick shouted.

'A state of emergency is currently in effect in King's Landing. The aristocrats of the Third Prince's faction, led by Lieutenant General Ganash of the Third Army, and the aristocrats of the Dauphin's faction, led by the Simon family, are in a state of conflict.

What's the situation⁉︎?

'We're currently in a standoff. The anti-Snake baronial alliance that we reported earlier has taken advantage of the situation and attacked the mansion in the capital, but the viper squad that was packed in the mansion has repelled them. However, as a result of this, the safety of those working at the Royal Capital's House of Snake and their families was our top priority, and we took everyone with us to evacuate to Snake territory. I've taken out most of the documents as instructed by Lord Astria! Right now, Astria is working with her butler, Santino, to find a place for everyone to stay.
Ein said at once.

'Did the small fry see this as a chance to destroy us?
Patrick said with a vicious expression,

'Also, the noblemen who are under the Prime Minister's control have marched their territorial army to the south, and a joint force of Dixon's and Kanaan's soldiers is currently confronting them, resulting in a stalemate. Prince McClane has declared that Prince William has abandoned the country and fled, and that I will succeed to the throne.

'That's absurd. That little brat forgot the favor I did for him when he was the second prince Henry, and now he's talking nonsense! How is the 8th Army doing?''

''On Captain Mirko's orders, the running dragon squad led by Major Van Pelt and some of the wagon squad went to Dixon territory for support. The horse troop led by Major Wylie, along with some wagon troops, is deploying in Viscount Connor's territory to stop the anti-Snake's Alliance troops from coming west. Captain Mirko will be gathering weapons with the rest of the wagons before heading this way.

'You're the man, Mirko.
Patrick complimented Mirko, who was not present.