'Also, we've received word from one of our diplomats that the Plum Kingdom to the south is acting suspiciously. They seem to be massing their forces along the border. Perhaps the diplomats of the Third Prince McClane's faction have been making various moves to coordinate their actions.
Ein continued.

'McClane's brat, he's planning to involve the Kingdom of Plum and collaborate with the beasts to crush the Dixon and Kanaan families⁉︎ No, he was planning to use them as a force for rebellion before that? The commander of the southern army is one of his faction. That's not good.
Patrick muttered as he put a hand to his forehead.

'What should we do, sir?

'For now, leave King's Landing to General Simon and Wayne and the others, and I'll fly south! If we don't control the Plum Kingdom, if we're caught in the middle, we'll have to protect His Royal Highness Prince William, or even His Majesty William now! It'll be tough to protect him! I'll leave this to Mirko, who should be on his way here now!
Patrick said to Ein,

'Then I'll let you know as soon as Mirko-dono arrives.
Ein asked.

'Tell him to move, just in case I'm humming!
Patrick said,

'Ha! That's the diabolical version.
'No,' said Ein,

'No, that's the normal attack version.
'No, that's the normal version,' said Patrick, who looked like he didn't know what he was talking about.

Ein asked back,

Patrick asks back.

'When the lord is humming, it's quite egregious, isn't it? It's like she's ruthless or something.
Ein says,

'I'm just humming so I don't think about anything else, you know? I'm just humming so I don't have to think.
Patrick replied,

'So you're saying it's unconscious evil, right? If it's unconscious, it's not kind, so I'm pretty sure it's diabolical.
Ein insists that it is definitely diabolical.

'Oh well,' says Patrick, giving up on the argument,
'Well, I'll leave it to you anyway.
Patrick said to Ein.

'Yes, sir.

'And what about the Abbott frontier family in the north? Any movement?

'We haven't been able to contact the Abbotts yet, and they don't seem to be making any significant moves.
Ayn reported,

'Ryan-dono's wife, Crozier-sama, is the sister of McClane's kid.

'Is there any chance of movement?

'With Abbott here, I don't think he'll betray us just because of Crozier, but I can't say he won't. In any case, I'd have to side with one of them. Send a spies who doesn't know the Abbot family.

'Yes, sir.