254-William and Descourses

Let's go back in time a little.

A gorgeous coffin in the audience room of the castle.

In it is the corpse of a slightly emaciated king.
A man and a woman stand in front of the coffin as many people look on.
Before closing the lid of the coffin, their final farewell speech was interrupted by a word.

'Brother, die!

It was something that Prince William, the man he called brother, could not have expected.

The voice that raised his sword was that of the Third Prince Maclean.
Although he was half-brother, he was his own brother, and Prince William had thought that they had a good relationship.

Prince William is unable to move due to the suddenness of the situation. It was all he could do to protect his wife.
The moment Prince McClane was about to swing his sword,

shouted the royal sorcerer, Decourse von Kanaan.
Decourse had been training so hard that he had finally succeeded in activating the spell by omitting the preamble and using only the spell's name.
The power of the spell was only about 10% of that of a full chant.
The fireball, which was only about the size of a ping-pong ball, struck the sword held by the Third Prince McClane, and the blown sword rolled on the floor.

'd*mn it! How dare you, Canaan!

Prince McClane glared at DeCourse, but DeCourse kept his eyes on Prince McClane,

'Your Highness, please run! I'll hold them off here! Kingsguard! Protect your highnesses! Get out of here!
At Decourse's cry,

'Mm, thank God, Kanaan. You'll be right behind me, won't you?'
To William's words,

'Of course I will. I'm a wizard, remember? I'm not going to die early. Please go!
Turning slightly, Decourse looked Prince William in the eye and shouted.

'I'm sorry!
With that, Dauphin William and the others ran off, escorted by their bodyguards.

Shoot it from my palm: ......'
I'm not sure what to make of that,

I'm not sure what to do. The real fireball is coming!
' shouted one of Prince McClane's bodyguards.

'd*mn you, Kanaan! Everyone! Fall back, go around and get William!
Prince McClane said as he ran away from William and the others through another door.

Decourse is left alone in the audience hall after the third prince McClane's group disappears.

'Pat ......, how would you get through this crisis? Now, let's go after His Highness.

With that, DeCourse opened the door through which Prince William had left and ran out.