255-William, run away.

A carriage of the Royal Court's Kingsguard was riding south along the street, guarded by members of the Dauphin's Kingsguard on horseback.

Riding in the carriage were Prince William and his wife, the First Queen, and Knight Commander Andretti of the Kingsguard. They were headed for Dixon, the home of his wife's family.

The reason is that it was Lieutenant General Ganash and his men who attacked Prince William as he left the castle.

Lieutenant-General Ganash was the uncle of the third prince of Maclean, and was a close friend of the Prime Minister.

Prince William managed to avoid the attack of Lieutenant General Ganash and his men, and escaped to the Captain of the Royal Guard Andretti, who explained the situation and contacted General Simon.
As a result, the forces of King's Landing are in a standoff between Simon's faction of Prince William and Lieutenant General Ganash's faction of the Third Prince McClane.

In the capital, Prince William and the other princes are facing a problem in securing their safety, and at the suggestion of the Commander of the Royal Guard, Andretti, they have decided to take refuge with his wife's family, the Marquesses of Dixon.

'I'm sorry, everyone, I've been so inadequate that I haven't even been able to attend my father's funeral.
He apologized to Prince William in the carriage,

'There's nothing wrong with you, Your Royal Highness.
The one who said that was Major General Andretti, Commander of the Royal Household Guard.

'It's probably the Prime Minister rather than McClane. It's rumored that his daughter and McClane are already close. They're like husband and wife, they just haven't had a formal ceremony. He thinks McClane will be able to take power once he's on the throne. The Prime Minister asked me to take his daughter as a concubine as soon as he found out she was pregnant. And my father refused because the Prime Minister has been acting a little strange lately.
Prince William said,

'I wonder if my pregnancy is the trigger. ......
Crown Princess Elizabeth said in a depressed voice.

'No, of course not, you're carrying a wanted child,' said William's mother.
said the Queen, William's mother.

'That's right. I don't know if His Highness McClane was convinced by Bendrick or if he's been waiting for his chance all along, but Ganache looked a little disgruntled when I resigned as general and Lieutenant General Snakes took command of the Second and Eighth Armies, and I thought he wanted to put his nephew on the throne and take the general's place. I thought he was trying to get his nephew on the throne to become a general.
Andretti, the Knight Commander of the Kingsguard, followed up.

'I wonder if Canaan has managed to escape?
Prince William said with concern,

'Lord Decourse is the first wizard of the human race! He'll be fine. He is not only skilled in magic, but also in spears and swords, which he trained during his time in the Kingsguard!
Andretti, the Commander of the Kingsguard, relieved Prince William's anxiety by saying so.