256-character introduction

Patrick Rigsby
The main character of this work. A local reincarnation with Japanese memories.
He has black hair and black eyes, which is unusual in this world.
He will change his name to Patrick von Snakes.

Wayne Kimball
The protagonist's friend and subordinate.
He is a handsome man with blond hair and blue eyes, who seems to have an aura about him.
Became Wayne Simon by marriage.

The protagonist's subordinate from the time he became a sergeant.
He is a hard worker who is knighted by the hero.

The protagonist's subordinate since he became a sergeant.
A big, dumb-looking man who is good at archery, but Patrick trusts him.

Colonel Leadon
Patrick's superior when he was a recruit.

Scott Pagenaud
A kingdom soldier who is jealous of the hero.

Kevin Dixon
The third son of the Marquess of Dixon.
He was saved by Patrick and respects him.
He was targeted by Aisha and attacked.

Kevin's caretaker.

Ray Hall
The commander of Dixon's army.

Cavalryman of Dixon's army

Marquis of Dixon
Kevin's father. A man of character.

James von Mental
King of the Mental Kingdom. Loves Patrick and gives him the Viscount Snakes in a desperate attempt to destroy the Rigsby family.

General Andretti
General Andretti is in command of the army.
Later, he is demoted to Major General and becomes Commander of the Kingsguard.

Lieutenant General Simon
Commander of the Kingdom's Second Army. Later becomes a general.

Emilia Simon
Daughter of Lieutenant General Simon. Wife of Wayne.

Marquis of Westin
Marquis of the western border. Betrayed the kingdom and worked for the empire.

Viscount Harter.
Baron Curley.
Baron Ager.
A house that betrayed the kingdom at the behest of Westin.

Rudolph van Zabeen
Third prince of the empire. Captured by Patrick.

Inspector Josh
The man responsible for keeping an eye on Patrick.

Mike Von Rigsby
Lord of Baron Rigsby.
The father of the main character in this world. Killed by Patrick.

Marianne Rigsby
Mike's real wife. Not Patrick's mother. Killed by Patrick.

Patrick's two brothers.
Marianne's children. No names given, so you know.

Aisha Kanaan.
Patrick's cousin. She's the one who loves Kevin.

Decourse Kanaan.
Patrick's cousin. The first wizard of his race to become a royal sorcerer.

Trolla von Kanaan
The head of a baronial family and father of Decourse and Aisha.
A member of the Knights of the Kingsguard.

Brose Kanane
Cousin of Patrick. Commander of the Canaanite army.

Arlen Kanaan
Cousin of Patrick. Later in the 8th Army.

Sonaris Mental.
The third princess of the Mental Kingdom. The woman who will become Patrick's wife. The heroine.
A reincarnation.