257-Prime Minister Bendrick

Meanwhile, in a room in the royal castle,
'It seems that William has escaped.
said a man.
The man was a dark-skinned elf with a fine face.

'Oh, you useless bastards! McClane should have just stabbed him, but he took the trouble to shout at him.
' said the man who had returned from the audience hall.

'I suppose His Highness McClane is still a child. If you can't kill a man without shouting to rouse yourself, you're not fit to be king. But, my Lord Bentric, it is easier to manipulate him, so I think we should use it to our advantage.
Says the dark elf man.

'Arnold, I know. I need McClane alive. Not until she gives birth to a boy! In fact, I wanted to marry my daughter to William and have a baby boy there as well, but William refused me in a roundabout way after only meeting me a few times, and the king wouldn't listen to me unless he wanted to, and I'm glad I managed to get McClane, but he's a very annoying family.
And he called the dark elf man Arnold, Prime Minister Bentick. The focus of his eyes was a bit odd.

It's a good thing, because if McClane becomes king, this country will be at your mercy.
The dark elf man called Arnold says happily. The man, dressed in a butler's uniform, loosens his mouth.

'In truth, we had planned for the king to live a little longer, but he objected to the marriage, so we had him leave early. But the poison you have procured is very effective. Just a drop of it in the wine I drink with dinner every day is enough to make me look so thin.

'It's a special potion only the wizards of my family can make. I spent a lot of money to get it, but it was very effective, wasn't it?'

'Yes! And that last potion is special too, isn't it? It works a few hours after you take it, so it's a good alibi.'

'That one is even more expensive, but it suddenly stops the heartbeat, it's a great drug for assassination!

'Right! Even if they suspect you, there's no way to prove it, so it's perfect.
Prime Minister Bendrick praised Arnold.

The trick is working. Things went smoothly and we assassinated the king, but then things got a little out of hand. Well, I'm going to have to face William anyway. We're going to take over the kingdom and get back at the Empire.
I'll show them how angry I was when they crushed me!

Arnold shouted in his mind as he thought this.
I'll crush the Empire!
He closed his right hand tightly and made a fist.