258-Person Introduction 2

Steward of the Snakes Main House

Head maid of the Snakes' main house. She was also Patrick's mother's maid.

A pig who was the number two clerk in the Royal Army.
He was reduced from a nobleman to a commoner after a series of misadventures, but he's still a fool for doing it again.

A handsome elf and steward of the Snakes' palace in King's Landing.

Kyle Keselowski
Eldest son of a baronet. Belongs to the Research Department.

Earl of Abbot
The head of an earldom in the north. House allied with the Snakes.

Ryan Abbott
The eldest son of the Earls of Abbot. Serious, hardworking, and single-minded. He is a hard man.

Conan is a mole in the employ of the Earl of Abbott. He is a skilled and mature man, but dislikes the Snakes for one reason or another.

A snake demon that was picked up by Patrick when it was an egg and kept by him. He later earned the title of man-eating snake. It has no hands.

A maid at Snakes' Palace in the capital. She is a wolf beast with big tits.

Lieutenant General Ganash
Commander of the Third Army of King's Landing, brother of Prince McClane's mother.

Prime Minister Bendrick
Marquis of the court nobility.
He is also the King's advisor.

Attorney General Gibbs
An old man who controls the kingdom's judicial affairs.

Captain of the Horse Guards of the Eighth Army of the Kingdom.
He was knighted by Patrick.
His family is a viscounty.

Van Pelt
Captain of the dragon troop in the 8th Royal Army.
Awarded a knighthood by Patrick.
His family is baronial.

Captain of the Dark Serpent Squadron, an investigative unit of the House of Snakes.

A soldier of House Snakes, captain of the elite Viper Squad. He is also the commander of the Territorial Guard.

William Mental
Crown Prince of the Mental Kingdom.

Elizabeth Mental
Dauphine who married William. Daughter of the Marquess of Dixon.

Henry Mental
Second Prince of the Kingdom of Mental. A fool.

Maclaine Mental.
Third prince of the Mental Kingdom. He is afraid of Patrick.

Commander of the Royal Guard of the Reapers.
A traitor who aided Prince Henry the Second.

Marquis of Raven
Maternal grandfather of Prince Henry the Second.
An old man who let his ambition get the better of him.

Mulder Raven.
Eldest son of the Marquesses of Raven.
Picked up by Patrick.

Philia Mental
The second queen of the Mental Kingdom.

Sophia Mental
The second princess of the Mental Kingdom.

Captain of the Eighth Military Carriage of the Kingdom.
Chubby Uncle.

Sonaris's maid of honor. She is beautiful but has no knowledge of the world.