259-to fly

Patrick flew out of his territory.
He literally flew out. Riding on the back of a pu, with phe in tow.

The goal is to reach the southern border of the Plum Kingdom.
We're going straight for the southern army's fort from the west.

Because the commander of the Southern Army, Major General Wilson, is a member of the Third Prince McClane faction, so we need to remove his concerns first.

If the soldiers of Prime Minister Bendrick's faction and the Southern Army attack the Dixon territory, the life of Prince William will be in danger. We have to avoid that.

'It's cold ......'.

Patrick was shivering on Pu's back.

Thanks to his military uniform, which looked like a coat, it was a little better, but it didn't cover his face or hands, and the collar was designed and made so that the solaris couldn't be closed, so cold air was coming in through his neck.

And the speed at which Pu and Pei fly makes the temperature feel even lower.

'I should have at least brought my gloves ......'.
Patrick said, but there was no way he could go back for them now, so he had to be patient.

When the fort finally came into view in the distance, Patrick had Pooh lower the altitude and saw a division-sized force about to depart from the fort.

'That was bad. That was close enough.
Patrick said to himself as he grabbed Pooh's reins.
'Pooh, stop above that unit. Keep the altitude where the arrows can't reach!
He instructed.


Major General Wilson, the commander of the southern army, was astride his horse to depart for the Marquess of Dixon's territory, when the soldiers under him became noisy,

'You people! What are you doing?
I shouted at my men, but they shouted back,

'Major General! There's no time for that! Get that thing!
The soldier pointed skyward.
The soldier pointed in the direction the finger was pointing. Major General Wilson turns his head in the direction the finger is pointing,

'Aye! Wyverns! You missed two of them from the Eastern Front! At this critical moment!
He frowned.

'Major General, there's something strange for a wyvern. ......'

'What is it? In the meantime, get the ballista ready or you'll be killed!'

'I can see an arm on the wyvern that shouldn't be there.


'Also, I can see horns on its head. ......'

'What⁉︎ Are you kidding me?

'To top it off, it looks like it has armor. ...... Speaking of pterosaurs with armor, ......'

With that being said, Major General Wilson took a closer look at the creature flying above.

'Aha! It's got arms and horns! It's a pterosaur! And it's got armor! It's the Grim Reaper! Get everyone to the fort! Prepare the ballista immediately!

Major General Wilson shouted out loud in panic, and I could see the impatience on his face.