260-to take refuge

The southern army flocked to the gates and fled into the fort, but Pooh approached at a considerable speed with Patrick on his back.

'Huh? Pooh, isn't the height too low?
Patrick asked, wondering about the lower altitude,

'Gah gah gah gah.

'You want to scare me and then gain altitude? Where did you get that idea?'


'Oh, you're Sona, aren't you? ...... You know, if you listen to Sona too much, you'll turn into a nerd dragon.

Patrick said to Pooh, who was flying right next to him,

'Gah Gah Gah Gah!
'Oh, it's too late.

'Oh, it's getting late. ......'
Pei's cry told Patrick to give up.

Phoo flew through the streets stretching from the gate of the southern army's fort to the ground, grabbed one of the horses that had failed to enter the fort with his arm, and soared up.

A bow and arrow was fired from the fort, but it was not high enough to reach.

And from the fort,
At the same time, more than a dozen ballista arrows flew toward Pu and Peh.


At the sound of the two cries, the ballista arrows were sucked into the jet-black blur in front of Pu, and the ice slab in front of Pei bounced the ballista arrows away.

'That's brilliant. That's what I call a pterosaur.

Patrick praised the two,

'The southern army! I am Patrick von Snakes, Lieutenant General of the Royal City Army! Your mission is to guard the fort and maintain security in the southern region! I'm sure you understand that, but where were you planning to go with a large force? Especially your commanding officer, Major General Wilson! You're not headed for Dixon territory, are you? Also, I'm going to pretend that you didn't know it was me when you attacked me, and I'm going to let it go unchallenged. Keep that in mind!

Patrick's piercing voice echoed.

Munch munch.

'Wow, I just heard that Dixon territory is in trouble, so I thought I'd head over there to help maintain the peace. ......'
Rear Admiral Wilson replied with trepidation.

'Kutcha kutcha.

'Hmm. So you're leaving the McClane faction, is that correct?'

'No, whether to leave or not is not something to think about right now, but for the time being, we need to maintain security. ......'


In the event that you're planning to make excuses for how you mistakenly defeated Dixon's soldiers in the place you went, let him eat you like the horse he's eating now, okay?

Yes, I think I heard the chewing sound from earlier, and Pu was eating the horse he caught while flying.

And at that time, Pooh bit off its neck and its head fell down.

At the place where the horse's head fell, there was Major General Wilson.

The horse's head fell with a thud in front of Major General Wilson's eyes, and a little later, the horse's blood fell and stained the Major General's face red.