261-Major General Wilson

When the Major General didn't say anything, Patrick said,

'Hey! Why don't you say something?
Patrick shouted at him, but he didn't respond.

'You! You don't say anything when it's inconvenient!
I shouted at him again, but he didn't respond.

'Hmm, are you going to ignore me? Then I'll attack you myself!
I said,

'Oh, wait a minute, General!
An old man beside Wilson shouted.

'What is it?'
Patrick said,

'Yes, it's Major General Wilson.

'What's wrong with Major General Wilson?

'He's passed out on his feet, sir. ......'


'Fainting, with a blank stare.'

'Another dexterous move. ......'
Patrick was dumbfounded.

'Does anyone have the will to fight? I'll take you on.'
He lowered his altitude a little and asked the southern army,

'I surrender, sir!
' shouted the old man.

'Then roll up that scum!

And with that, he instructed Pu to descend into the fort.

'So, did you guys hear that the Marquis of Dixon has rebelled and is holed up with Prince William as a hostage?
Patrick confirmed,

'Yes, sir. We were told it was a rescue mission.
Colonel Cubes, the Major General's second-in-command, replied.

'I see, well then kick this unconscious scum in the side of the head to wake him up!
Patrick ordered the soldiers present,

'Yes, sir!
He kicked the soldier in a reserved manner,

'That kick won't wake me up! Kick him like you want to kill him!
Patrick yells.

'Yes, sir!
There's a good thud,

Major General Wilson wakes up, coughing.

'Oh. Why am I tied up? Untie me!
' he says to the soldier in front of him, groggily.

'Shut up! You scum! You think the Marquis of Dixon betrayed us and rebelled against us? Do you know what will happen to you?
Patrick shouted,

Major General Wilson, a little frightened.

'What were the arrangements after you left here? Let the fort be released and lead the Plum Kingdom soldiers into the country and invade the capital? What did you say to the Kingdom of Plum? Did you promise them some kind of reward? Money? Territory?

I ask with a light touch of murderous intent,

'I don't know! I don't know anything!
I don't know anything!' says Major General Wilson, stubbornly refusing to speak.

'You're lying. I'm the one in charge here. We can't just ignore you and move on. If you don't want to say it, I'll make you want to say it!

With that, Patrick pulls out a folding knife from his pocket, sticks out the blade, and approaches Major General Wilson, who is lying on the ground, still wrapped in the mat.