A man's scream echoed through the fort.

The voice that echoed off the walls of the fort and into every corner was different from the voice an adult male would normally make.

It was a plea for him to stop, and a scream of intense pain.

Let's rewind time a bit.
Major General Wilson's body has been untied from the ropes that bound him, and he is now pinned to a chair, with two soldiers holding his body at his side.
Two soldiers are holding him down to prevent him from falling over.

And another soldier is holding his left arm against the desk.

Patrick slowly peeled off the nail on his left hand, inserting the knife between the nails of his little finger.
Major General Wilson screams in pain.

Whenever I prick the tip of the knife lightly with the tip of my left little finger, which has lost its nail and is now bare, Major General Wilson screams.

Patrick laughs in amusement, and the soldiers in charge of holding him down turn pale at the sight.

His second-in-command, Colonel Cubes, who had said he would see to Patrick's interrogation, remained motionless as he stared directly at his clawless little finger.

After the pinkie, Patrick went on to the ring finger, performing the same task.
His middle finger, index finger, thumb, and all the other fingernails on his left hand have been removed, and his fingertips are shredded from the stab of the knife.

'Are you ready to talk?'
Patrick asks Major General Wilson,

'I don't ...... know.
I don't know,' said Major General Wilson, squeezing his voice out.

'Oh, right! Then let's continue.

With a light heart, he folded the knife and put it in his pocket, grabbed the machete on his right hip with his right hand, held down Major General Wilson's left hand with his left, placed the machete on his shredded fingertips, swung it up quickly, and then slammed it down on his fingertips.

The sound of the machete hitting the wooden desk echoed, and the shredded flesh of his fingertips rolled on the desk.

Patrick, who didn't seem to care about Major General Wilson's screams, raised the machete again and dropped it.

The little finger of Major General Wilson's left hand is being cut off with the sword, millimeter by millimeter, from the tip of the finger.

More and more objects like bamboo rings stuffed with cucumbers appear on the desk. I don't want to eat a bamboo ring with tomato sauce on it.
The little finger and ring finger of his left hand were already missing down to the root.

And just as the sword machete was about to swing down on the tip of my middle finger,

'It's Princess Sofia! I've been promised that Princess Sophia II will be taken as a slave to the Kingdom of Plum!

Major General Wilson shouted as if he had given up.

'Using the imprisoned Princess Sophia II as a bargaining chip, McClane's gone downhill, hasn't he?

'It's not His Highness McClane! It's the Prime Minister! His Highness McClane would never suggest such a devilish thing!

'Shut up! McClane would have approved it! It's the same thing!


''When will the Plum Kingdom set foot in the Kingdom?''

'Tomorrow, from the north side of the fort: ......'

'I see. Then let's give them a run for their money.

'If you do that, you'll ruin our friendship with the Plum Kingdom!

'If you promise to take the princess as a slave and then call it friendship, I'll crush you!

I'm not sure if it's my imagination or not, but Patrick's dark eyes seemed to get even darker as he shouted that.