264-Pay, attack.

It's also a pterodactyl wearing armor.

'What the hell is that?
The commander of the Lion Tribe shouted.

As if in response to his voice, a voice comes from the sky.

'Lieutenant General of the Royal Capital Army of the Mental Kingdom! Commander of the 2nd Eighth Army! This is Patrick von Snakes! This is Patrick von Snakes! If you advance any further, we will consider this a territorial invasion and attack! Turn back immediately! I repeat! Turn back immediately! If you cannot accept this, march on! The treaty of friendship is considered abrogated and the attack will commence in five minutes!

The man who called himself Patrick Von Snakes shouted, then disappeared high into the sky with two pterodactyls.

'Pterodactyls⁉︎ I didn't hear that!
shouted the commander of the Lion tribe.

'Lieutenant! What should we do? Should we keep going?
A nearby soldier asks the commander.

'No matter what we do, His Majesty has ordered us to make the Third Prince McClane of the Mental Kingdom the king and get the Second Princess. If we leave without doing anything, it will be us who will be punished, we have to go.'

'Then, should we run in all directions?

'Yes, if they are scattered individually, the two of them might not be able to handle it.


'Ah! Everyone, move in as fast as you can!
And with that, he sent the soldiers charging.


'Oh no. I warned you about this, but you wasted your life.
Patrick (made by a dwarf) was watching with binoculars from above.

'Peh, attack now! You can do whatever you want.'
Patrick said, looking at Peh.

As soon as Peh made that sound, the horns of Peh's head began to glow faintly blue.
And countless ice arrows formed around Peh.
How many, no, how many thousands of arrows were there?

The arrows all fell towards the ground at once.
The arrows that fall are blocked by the trees in the forest, but some of them reach the ground without being blocked.

The beasts run forward to get through the forest. They can't run while looking up.

And the arrows that fall pierce the bodies of the beasts.
One, two, ten, a hundred, maybe a thousand fell.

Moans could be heard from the ground.
Patrick and Pooh above, listening in silence.
And Pei is not there.

At the same time as he drops the arrow, Peh lowers his altitude and spits water from his mouth at the beasts that have advanced to the border.

It was like a firefight.
Even if they could avoid the icy arrows, they could not avoid the splashing water.
The beasts didn't seem to mind that it was just water.

However, the lead ape beastman suddenly fell from the tree.
His wet clothes looked a little white. The moment the body of the fallen beastman hit the ground, it shattered as if an ice slab had been slammed into the ground. As if on cue, the beastmen froze and hardened one after another. Not only the beastmen, but also the trees froze.

A certain Viscount had once described the pterosaur as a disaster-grade demon, and it seemed to be a reproduction of a natural disaster blizzard.

'Hey, Pooh. Is Pei angry about something? He's relentless, isn't he?'
Patrick asks Pooh,

'Caggaa, giggle, giggle, giggle.

'Have you been getting upset a lot lately? I wonder why? I've been playing with you, haven't I?


'Well, I guess it's best not to go against Pei, Pu. He'll freeze you.'


'Well, let's go get the one who looks the most important. Pooh! Let's go get that big golden guy!

Gee gee gee!

Pooh squealed as it descended in altitude.