265-What is a pterosaur?

The commander, a man of the Lion tribe, was in a hurry.

He had heard rumors that there was a wizard who used wyverns in the Mental Kingdom, but he had never heard of pterodactyls. And I know the story of the pterosaur in the fairy tale.

A pterosaur of the wind that calls up storms and turns cities to dust.
The flame-spewing pterosaur that flies from a fire-breathing mountain.
There are many legends, but they are all just rumors, and this is the first time I've seen a pterosaur in the flesh.

So I thought it would be stronger than the wyverns, but now I was regretting that I had ordered them to march in. I didn't expect them to be this strong!

The troops in the front were frozen by the ice pterodactyl's attack, and were almost completely destroyed.
Just as he was about to shout for retreat, he noticed that a black blur was forming around him.

A jet-black pterosaur.

The dark dragon of darkness that appeared in the fairy tales I read when I was little.

A city crumbling and being sucked in by the all-consuming darkness and the echoes generated by the darkness.

At the end of the story, all the urban civilization is sucked into the world, and only the continent of wasteland exists.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. Am I going to be swallowed up and die?'
The lion man muttered as he was enveloped in a black blur, unable to see more than a few tens of centimeters ahead.

'Do you want to die?
He suddenly heard a voice,

'Who wants to die? Of course I want to live!
The lion man shouted on the spot.

'Then withdraw your troops. And lead the way to Plum's palace. If you accept my terms, I'll call off the attack.
I heard a quiet, but strong tone of voice,

'The royal palace! What do you think you're doing?
I shouted back.

'What, I need to give King Plum a little lecture, a little chastisement, a little pain, to make me feel better.

'His Majesty will not meet you!

'Then I'll think of something else then. Are you going to lead us or not? Do you want to die with your troops? I'll wipe you out so you won't be alone in the afterlife.'
The voice sounded like an ultimatum.

'Can you guarantee the lives of the soldiers?
The lion man felt bad for the soldiers who had already died, but he wanted to avoid annihilation.

'Only if you guide them. If you don't hurry, more and more of them will freeze to death. I haven't stopped them yet.'
It looks like they're still killing us.

'All right, please stop the ice pterodactyl!
We have to stop it now!
That's what I thought and immediately pleaded.

'I guess we have a deal.
A few seconds later, when the black blur disappeared, I saw the dark dragon's terrifyingly cold eyes staring at the lion man.
It was a cold gaze, reminiscent of death.