266-Pram Palace

Two pterodactyls fly over the Plum Kingdom.

On the back of the jet-black pterosaur is a man.

On the blue pterosaur's leg is a golden lion man strapped to a log.

I'm not sure what to do.
The lion man, who had been screaming just a moment ago, spoke to Patrick, though it was hard to tell whether he had become accustomed to the situation or had given up.

'Are you in a position to say that? You're wasting your time, so I let you live instead of letting you lead the way. If you want, you can kill him and search for the royal palace while destroying the city of Plum Kingdom.
Patrick said, looking at the man,

'Please don't do that.
He pleads.

'Then don't complain!


'Are you sure you want to keep going straight?'

'Yeah, at this speed, we'll be in sight in an hour.

'Hmm, no problem then.

The Royal Palace of Plum.

It's a not-so-luxurious castle made of stone, but it looks solid.

In one of the rooms, a man of the lion tribe, accompanied by many women, was having a meal.

He is the king of this country, Leonardo Dis Plum.
The golden hair on his head is a color peculiar to the royal lion family.
While ordinary lionesses have brown hair, only those with royal blood have golden hair.

He is a big man of about 190 centimeters, dressed in luxurious clothes, grabbing thick meat with his hands and carrying it in his mouth.

'Is it time for Antony's guy to enter the mental kingdom?
Leonardo asks the man standing by his side.

The man who was asked replies.

'If he succeeds in bringing the princess, fine. If he fails, we can blame Antony and execute him. You've come at the right time.

'There have been quite a few complaints lately from those who adore Antony. His Majesty and Antony are the only men of the royal family now. With Antony gone, there will be fewer people to complain to.'

'It would be best if Antony died in battle and the princess was brought back by his men!

'I hope you're right!

As he was about to put the meat in his mouth again, a wolf soldier hurriedly entered the room.

'I'm reporting it! Two pterodactyls have appeared in the sky above us, and the one riding on the back of the pterodactyls is clamoring to bring His Majesty to us! What should we do?
At those words,

'What! The one who rides on the back of a pterosaur? You're not dreaming, are you?
The man at Leonardo's side asks the soldier back.

'Not only me, but all the soldiers are seeing it!
The soldier from the wolf tribe replies,

'Mm, who can ride a pterosaur, a messenger of God or a messenger of the devil? What color is the pterosaur that he rides?

'Jet black, sir.

'Jet-black, in the fairy tale of the dark dragon, was it a dragon that brought destruction?
As if in response, Leonardo said,

'Have you come to destroy my kingdom? I don't see how two pterodactyls can destroy the Plum Kingdom! I'll just go out and watch the pterodactyls for now!

With that, Leonardo left his seat.