When King Leonardo walked out onto the terrace of the castle, he saw two pterodactyls flapping their wings in the sky.

The presence of the two pterodactyls caused King Leonardo to take a step backward.

However, he regained his strength and moved forward,

'I am the king of this country! I am Leonardo Displume! It's rude of you to look down on me from above! Come down!
' he shouted.

The two pterodactyls must have heard his voice, for they circled back and lowered their altitude. But they stopped their descent a little higher than King Leonardo's line of sight,

'Hmm, don't they look like you? Antony?
Patrick, riding on the back of the jet-black pterodactyl Pu, said.

'Well, he's my brother, so I guess he does.
The man called Antony is tied with ropes to a log that Pooh grabs with his feet.
Yes, he's the commander of the Plum Kingdom army.

'What? You're royalty?'

'I'm the king's brother.

'Why is the King's brother on an expedition?

'Because my brother hates me.


'I told him to think more about the people, and here we are.'

'Is your brother an idiot?

Patrick and Antony ignored Leonardo, the King of Plum, who was right in front of them, and talked.

'You guys have the nerve to ignore me and then call me an idiot when I have nothing to say.
King Lionel said,

'You demanded the princess of a neighboring country as a slave, and you want to be thought of as an intellectual? Are you really that stupid?
Patrick was taken aback.

'd*mn you! I came all the way out here to help you! And the slaves are the ones Prince McClane told me about!
King Leonardo shouted.

'Oh well, so. Surrender if you don't want to die.
Patrick suddenly pressed him to surrender.

King Leonardo couldn't help but say.

'What, you can't even understand a word I'm saying? Antony, you must have had a hard time with this bastard as king.

'Of course I did.
Antony affirmed.

'Shut up! You've been calling me stupid, you've been calling me a bastard, you've been calling me a bastard! I'll kill you!'
'I'll kill you!' exclaimed King Leonardo.

'I'm going to kill you' is a word only someone who is ready to be killed can say, are you ready?
Patrick's eyes narrowed as he said.

'I will not be defeated by you!
' said the confident King Leonardo.

'No, you're dealing with a pterosaur.
Patrick said, raising his right eyebrow in a slightly mocking manner.

'Huh, not fair! I don't know who you are, but you use a dragon to fight a king, shameless! Fight him fair and square, one on one!'
King Leonardo shouted,

'Oh, you didn't tell me your name? Well, let's make this simple. I'm Patrick von Snakes, frontier count of the Mental Kingdom and lieutenant general of the national army. I'd be surprised if a coward who's been unjustly trying to invade our territory has any sense of fairness!
I said,

King Leonardo replied, 'That's your country's idea, isn't it?
King Leonardo replied.

'You traitor!
Patrick shouted, a little deadly.

King Leonardo was at a loss for words.

'You're a coward if you know what I'm talking about!

'Shut up! I'm not going to do it. No pterodactyls!

'Well, fine.'
Hearing Patrick's words, King Leonardo thought he had won.

The physical ability of beastmen was higher than that of humans. Royalty is even higher. Because they've been receiving superior blood.

But there was more to Patrick's words.

'What did you think I was going to say? Crush him!

'What? ......'
Leonardo didn't get to finish his sentence.