268-a coward

'All right! The matter is settled!'

Patrick declared, feeling refreshed,

'Wait a minute! What are you going to do with this country?
'You'll be king!

'Why don't you be the king, Antony? Of course, you'll have to do it on the condition that you don't defy me!

'No, I'm tied to a log and there's nothing I can do about it.

'You'll have to accept my terms, won't you?'
Patrick asked with a wicked smile,

'That's a dirty way to go about it.
Antony spat out the words with a dumbfounded expression.

'Don't give me that compliment.
Patrick smiles.

'I didn't give you a single compliment!
Antony gives him a pouting look.

'Really? Well, okay. So, do you want to accept the terms? Do you want to die now?'

'You promised to spare the lives of the soldiers, didn't you?

'You're not a soldier, you're royalty!

''That's just a theory! I'm a lieutenant general in the Plum Kingdom army, I'm a fine soldier!

'You may be a soldier, but you're still royalty. But you're still royalty. This is the right way to look at things.

'It's not right! I don't have a choice! I don't feel like I can win, and I don't want to die, so I'll drink!

'Oh, you've made a wise choice!

'Shut up! You're a coward!

'So don't praise me like that! You're embarrassing me.'

'I didn't praise you at all!
Antony's heartbreaking cry echoed.


'I wonder what's going on in the Plum Kingdom right now?

A few hours after Patrick flew away, Colonel Cubes put former Major General Wilson in jail at the southern fort, and after cleaning up the mess, he muttered to himself.

'It's a pterodactyl, after all, so even the strongest Plum Kingdom soldier can't do anything about it.
The soldier next to him said to Colonel Cubes,

'No, that's probably true. What I'm trying to say is whether the Plum Kingdom will survive or not. A pterosaur is a monster of disaster proportions. The country could be blown to bits! I hope the innocent people won't suffer at least, but I wonder if that cruel lieutenant general will do anything about it.

'Ah! Certainly! It's possible that the Plum Kingdom could be crushed . Even physically.''

'Wouldn't it? That brutality. I've never been knocked unconscious with my eyes open before. I never thought I'd experience anything like that at my age.

'General Snakes seems to think you were asleep, sir.
' said the soldier with a little smile on his face,

'He doesn't have the nerve to sleep through all that screaming!
Colonel Cubes's voice became louder.

'Even the rock Cubes has lost his shape.

'How did you guys hold on to Wilson?
Colonel Cubes praises the soldiers for not fainting.

'We didn't see any fingers roll in front of us!
The soldier says that was a bad idea.

'That was really hard!

'I bet it was.

'I guess the Grim Reaper's name wasn't so bad after all.