Talking about such things ,

'Report! Two pterodactyls with armor approaching from above! I think it's Lord Snakes!
A soldier came running in and reported to Colonel Cubes.

'What? It's been less than a day. Did you forget something? Or did something urgent happen and you had to turn back?'
Colonel Cubes asked the soldier who had reported back,

'I don't know, sir, since they haven't arrived yet. I thought I'd report to the Colonel for now, so I came running!

'All right, I'm on my way.
With that, Colonel Cubes left his seat and headed for the central square of the fort, where Pooh and Pei were just descending.
Patrick was riding on Pooh's back, but Peh's legs were not holding anything.

Colonel Cubes saw this and said,

'Lieutenant General Snakes, is there a problem with your return so soon? Or did you forget something?
Patrick asks.

'No, it's done!
Patrick replied succinctly.

Colonel Cubes asks back.

'The matter of the Plum Kingdom is settled.

'Well, in such a short time?


'It's just my simple curiosity, but if you don't mind, may I ask how it was settled?

''King of the Plum Kingdom, Leonardo, right? I killed him! So I decided to make his brother, Antony, king and made him swear absolute obedience to me!



'You defeated that King Leonardo? That mighty king?'

'Ah! Oh, I didn't do it, okay? I had Pei crush him with a snap!

'Squish? It's not like it's a bug. ......'

'It was like squishing a dirty tomato.

'Ugh, I can just imagine ......'.
Colonel Cubes pressed his mouth.

'You look a little pale, are you okay?

'A little nauseous. ......'

'That's not good, you shouldn't sleep too much, you know? I heard from the other soldiers during the interrogation that Cubes wasn't supposed to be sleeping, but you should get some sleep. You're going to be in charge of the southern army as a provisional major general, you know!

'No, lack of sleep has nothing to do with it,' he said, 'but what? Major General? No, no, no, the appointment can only be made by His Majesty the General, sir.
Colonel Cubes said,

When the crown prince ascends to the throne, he'll be asked to officially resign, but right now it's an emergency. Colonel Cubes is the only colonel in the southern army, right? Then it's decided!

'Huh? Is that so absurd?

'We have no choice but to do it, even if it's reckless! We need to resolve McClane's rebellion as soon as possible, and for now, I'll have you go to the rescue of His Royal Highness Prince William, who is staying in Dixon territory. The Plum Kingdom is not going to attack us, so leave the minimum number of soldiers at the fort to maintain security, and get ready to head to Dixon territory! We were supposed to go there originally, can we do it now?

'That's true, but what are you going to do?

'I'm going to fly to the Dixon territory and get some information.

Colonel Cubes stared at Patrick as he rode off on the back of Pooh again,

'I've never heard of a provisional major general before, is that a good idea ......?
The soldier beside him muttered,

A soldier beside him said, 'But we can't afford not to go. The Crown Prince is in trouble. Since His Excellency Snakes is a member of the Dauphin's faction, Prince William will win in all likelihood. If we don't cooperate, the Southern Army will be in a bad position.
I said.

'That's true. All right, hurry up and get them ready!


The southern fort started to move in a hurry.