270-Bendrick vs. Dixon

A mixed force of the Count of Ganash's army of the Bendrick Prime Minister's faction and soldiers of the Ganash faction nobility, deployed on the border of the Dixon territory on the side of the royal capital.

The mixed forces of the Marquess of Dixon's army and the Viscount of Kanaan's army are deployed to prevent that.
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The Bendrick's Prime Minister's troops were unable to respond at all, losing about a hundred soldiers as they entered by a steep route that only a running dragon could take.

As the two sides continued to stare each other down for a long time, one of the recruits, who could no longer stand the waiting, fired a bow and arrow at the other side, setting off a fierce battle.

Arrows from both sides poured down like rain.
The pouring arrows pierced the bodies of the soldiers one after another.
As one soldier after another fell, medics carried the wounded to the rear on their backs (soldiers who could treat the wounded).

When the arrows run out, the soldiers with spears on both sides start running at once.
The spearmen formed a line of battle and moved forward.

It was the soldiers of the 8th Army with long spears for wyverns deployed in the Eastern Army that showed their strength here.

The long spear was made by Snakes' family forger under Patrick's direction, and of course it was introduced to the 8th army and Snakes' territory army on a trial basis.

The long spear, which is more than twice as long as a normal spear, is inconvenient to handle, but it can be swung down as if striking, and attack from a distance that the opponent cannot reach! Longer distance is a great advantage.

The long spears of the 8th Army were sure to reap the lives of the soldiers of Prime Minister Bendrick's faction.
The soldiers fell in a daze.

Some of the soldiers were able to evade the long spears, but the strength of each soldier was so different that the 8th Army was said to be the best.

A soldier of Prime Minister Bendrick's faction who collapsed and rushed in was no match for the elite 8th Army, and the 8th Army would aim precisely at the neck or heart of the opponent, so potions would not work on the fallen soldier.

On the contrary, they were not even carried to the rear. This is probably because the medics of Prime Minister Bendrick's faction are knocked down before they can be carried out.
The fallen and trampled soldiers would surely have gone through the portal to Hades.

The Marquess of Dixon's troops gradually reduced the Bendrick Prime Minister's troops, and when the battle situation became favorable, two large creatures descended rapidly from far above.

They are pterodactyls clad in armor.