271-William's determination

One of the two, after spraying the center of the Bendrick Prime Minister's army with water, soared upward.

The other, a pterodactyl with a man on its back, came to an abrupt halt in the sky, out of reach of the bow and arrow.

Needless to say, it was Pooh, carrying Patrick.
From atop Pooh's back, Patrick shouts.

'I am Patrick von Snakes! Surrender unless you want to die! I repeat! Surrender! Soldiers of Prime Minister Bendrick's faction! The Plum Kingdom army you've been counting on is not coming here! And the southern army is on its way to help the Dixons. You don't stand a chance! I say again! Surrender!
The soldiers who could hear those words were happy.

The soldiers who were sprayed with water by Pei were already frozen to death.


'Patrick! Thank you for coming!'

Prince William, who had taken refuge in the Dixon territory, called out to Patrick. Prince William has been calling him Patrick since Patrick's marriage to Thornaris.

'Your Highness! I'm glad you're safe. My apologies for the delay.'
Patrick said,

'Thanks to the Canaanese court mages, we were able to escape safely. So what did you mean when you said earlier about the Plum Kingdom army?
Prince William said, looking at Decourse standing beside him.

Patrick explained the situation,

'What? Did McClane make a secret agreement with the Kingdom of Plum for such a thing?
Prince William is indignant.

'Yes, we couldn't bear to be caught in the middle, so we suppressed the Plum Kingdom first. I had heard from the reports that our Van Pelt and the others were going to join the Dixon and Canaan armies, so I moved on my own, thinking that it would be safe for a while. Please forgive me.

'Of course! You've done a great job holding back the Plum Kingdom!

'For now, I've instructed the southern army to head this way. The fort doesn't need to worry about the Plum Kingdom, so all but the necessary personnel will head this way.''

'Then we can keep the surrendered soldiers in custody.
Yes, the soldiers of Prime Minister Bendrick's faction had surrendered just as Pei's attack was about to finish them off.
With the pterodactyls outnumbered, morale would be lost.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this. If you want, I can fly to King's Landing and destroy the Ganash Faction?

'No, if I keep relying on Patrick for everything, there will be problems with my rule when I take the throne. I've made up my mind. McClane's life is in my hands. I'm sorry, but I need your help!
William looked into Patrick's eyes and said.

'Your Highness, no, brother-in-law. Are you serious?'
Patrick asks again.

'Yes, because of my nature, isn't it? Both last time and this time. If we don't prevent any more nobles from thinking of rebellion, this country will not be able to hold together.

I understand. Then let's cooperate.