Patrick took off immediately.
First, he heads toward the Southern Army and finds a division of the Southern Army marching toward Dixon territory.

He disembarks, reports his recognition as Provisional Major General, tells them that the Dauphin is waiting for them in Dixon territory, and flies north.

The goal is Abbott's territory.

Having experienced firsthand the full speed of the Pu, Patrick felt the need to attach a safety belt to his saddle.

At any rate, he flew to the border and observed the movements of the uncontacted Abbott territory from a considerable altitude with a custom-made telescope.

This was a measure to prevent the Abbotts from recognizing Patrick's presence.

In the northern mountainous region, we see a good number of soldiers in the new northern fort under construction, and turn around to check the old northern fort. The old fort also had a large number of soldiers, so we infer that it is not particularly active at present.

We turned around and flew back to the Abbot's main territory (the original territory, which is a flight from the mountainous region, so the mountainous region is called Abbot's territory and the original territory is called Abbot's main territory),
'Pooh, we're going down to that house. Turn at a distance that arrows can't reach.'
Patrick instructed Pooh, saying so.


'Sir! We're in trouble!
The guards of the Abbott frontier count's mansion came running in with a loud voice.

'What's going on?
The Abbott frontiersman answered the guards,

'There's a black pterodactyl circling above!

'What? Does that pterosaur have armor?

'Yes, sir! There's an armor with the family crest of the Snakes!

'Hmm, they're getting impatient since we haven't contacted them.
Abbott said,

'What can I do for you?
Ryan asks his father, the Abbott frontiersman.

'I'll meet you in the courtyard! Clear the courtyard!
Abbott orders the guards.

'Yes, sir!
The guards salute and run off.

A jet-black pterodactyl landed softly in the courtyard of the Abbott frontier count's house,

'I've heard of it, but it's terrifying to see it up close.
I've heard of them, but they're terrifying up close,' Abbott said to Patrick, who jumped off the dragon's back,

'Welcome to the Abbott residence!
'Welcome to Abbott's!

'Mr. Abbott, I have some things to say and some things to ask you, but first I want to ask you this. Do you want to keep the alliance or break it? Answer me!
Patrick shouted at him,

'Keep it! We need to discuss these matters inside the compound for now!
The Abbott frontiersman answered loudly.

'All right! Pu, use your tail on any soldiers that come near. And don't kill them if you can help it.'
Instructed Patrick,

'You guys, stay away from them! You'll die for sure!
The Abbott frontiersman warned the soldiers.