Patrick will once again ride on Pooh's back into the sky.

He's headed west to the Snakes' territory.

When he returns at maximum speed, he calls Ein and gives him an order.

'Track down the whereabouts of the Third Queen, Lady Alicia. Find out where she's trapped. Have Mulder look for her too!
Patrick's strong words,

'Yes, sir!
Ein responded with a salute.

'I'm flying south, report to the south.



At the same time, King's Landing was the scene of a standoff between the Simonist soldiers surrounding the Royal Castle and the people holed up in the castle who were cooperating with the Third Prince McClane.

The Simonists were unable to attack the castle due to its solidity, while McClane's side only attacked with bows and arrows, and showed no signs of fighting properly.

'How long is it going to take for the southern army and the Plum Kingdom army to arrive?
The Third Prince McClane asked aloud.

'It'll take about ten days for the Dixon territory to fall, so let's hold out for about twenty days and save our men.
It was Lieutenant General Ganash who said.

'Then, I'm going to visit my sister.
McClane said and stood up.

McClane entered the room of the second queen, who was under house arrest in a remote part of the royal castle,

'Hello, Sister. I'm going to marry into the Kingdom of Plum in about a month, are you ready?
Are you ready for that?

'It's not a marriage, but a sale, isn't it?
The Second Princess Sofia glared at the Third Prince McClane and said back.

'Well, that's quite a way of putting it, sister. How dare you say that to the person who is indebted to you for letting your sister, who is under house arrest and cannot leave this place, out into the world?
' said the third prince McClane, mockingly.

'You just want to banish a useless princess to the Plum Kingdom on a convenient pretext, don't you?

'Well, you're not wrong. Your sister, brother William, and Thornaris. The three of them are a hindrance to me. I'm going to ask Brother William and Thorinaris to disappear, but you should be grateful that I'm letting you live!

'You can't do that! McClane, are you forgetting about that man? The Grim Reaper!
Said the Second Princess Sofia,

'Don't talk about him!
The 3rd Prince McClane punched the 2nd Princess Sofia, saying.

'Because of that man, my first job will be cracking down on shoddy tax evasion, and because I'm beholden to Brother William, the Dauphin's faction will gain power and my faction will be disrespected. I want him dead!
That's what the 3rd Prince McClane said.