275-Pterosaur of the Death Snakes

'Do you think you can defeat the pterodactyl of the Death God Snakes?'
The Second Princess Sofia said as she glared at the Third Prince McClane,

'It's only a big wyvern! I'll turn you into a beehive with my ballista! I'm not a big fan of snakes, but I can handle them!
The Third Prince McClane loosened his mouth.

'McClane, don't you know how strong a pterosaur is?
Princess Sofia II asks Prince McClane, her eyes widening slightly.

''If you believe in those storybook fairy tales, your sister's head must be quite the flower garden!
McClane looks down at the 2nd Princess Sophia's face with a foolish expression,

''You don't believe me, do you?
The Second Princess Sofia looked a little dumbfounded.

'It's impossible for a single pterosaur to turn the continent into a wasteland! It seems that your sister is not familiar with the common sense of the world. This wide land won't be turned into a wasteland by just one or two dragons! It's only a village at most!
With that, McClane left the room.

'Even if you don't know the world, you know that lore is meant to tell the truth. Stupid brother.'
The Second Princess Sofia muttered in a quiet voice.


A tavern in King's Landing.
There was not a single customer, a testament to the chaos in King's Landing right now.
They were in no condition to go out for a drink.

Mulder was dusting the counter against the entrance door,
The door opened.
The sound of the door opening and the tolling of the bell above the door rang almost simultaneously.

'Welcome, sir.
Mulder called out as he turned around,

'Master, no, Mulder, I want to make a deal.
A man comes up to him. He seems to know Mulder's identity.

'A deal? Hmm, please have a seat. Let's talk about it.'
With that, Mulder walks over to the counter, fills a glass with whiskey, and sets it on the counter over ice.

'If you help my grandson, I will tell you the whereabouts of Queen Alicia the Third.
To the man who said that,

'Well, I guess I'll call you Marquis Gibbs now. How dare you help your grandson? And how did you know we were looking for Queen Alicia the Third?
Mulder's eyes narrowed slightly.

'My grandson was taken as a hostage by His Highness McClane. As for Queen Alicia the Third, I'm still a Marquis. As Attorney General, I've got a good ear and the brains to guess from the words of those who try to probe me.
The Marquis Gibbs said to Mulder with a weak smile.