276-Gibbs' wish

The Marquis of Gibbs continued.

'He's the son of my eldest son, my precious grandson, the heir to my family. He said he would return unharmed if I did what he said, but there is no way McClane can win! There is no way he can win against the Snakes! You can't help a prince who doesn't understand that! Please! Put me through to Sir Patrick! If anyone from McClane's side sees me leave King's Landing, they'll be watching me at the gates. It will definitely be taken as betrayal!

Mulder could see the fire of anger in the Marquis Gibbs' eyes as he said this, as if he could see the fire of anger towards the Third Prince McClane.

'What are Prince McClane's orders?'
Mulder asked quietly,

'That if we don't cooperate, we should sit tight. We're noblemen of the court, we don't have soldiers. I don't think they're part of the army.
The Marquis of Gibbs shouts weakly.
The court nobles have no territory to protect, so they are only allowed to have soldiers to guard their residences.

'I see, do you know where your grandson is? And what is your grandson's name?
Mulder asked,

'It's a mansion on Ganash's estate. My grandson's name is Kent. Kent Gibbs.'
The Marquis Gibbs replied immediately.

'Very well. I'll contact my lord. And where is Queen Alicia the Third?

'East, in the mansion of Baron Curial. That's where Ganache's youngest daughter is married.''

'Oh, you mean the famous glitterati?
I could see the disgust on Mulder's face.

'There was talk of Mulder getting a wife at one point, wasn't there?

'Yeah, I turned it down because I didn't like him and I couldn't keep up with his jeweled fashion.

'She's always been known for her rough spending.

'Enough about that woman! Then, I will contact the palace immediately, and as soon as I hear back, I will inform you in private.''

The Marquis Gibbs grabbed a glass on the counter, gulped down the drink in one gulp, and left the table.

Mulder watched the Marquis walk away,

'Well, you heard the man, right?
'Yes,' he said to the back of the store.

'Yes, sir.
A man emerged from the back.

'Nick, go tell the manor at once!
Mulder's voice got a little louder.

'Have you reported to Lord Ein?
The man called Nick asked Mulder,

'I'll send someone else to report to him. At any rate, you'd better report to the lord as soon as possible!'
At the strength in Mulder's voice, Nick said,

'I'll run as soon as I can!
He said seriously, and quickly headed for the store door.

'Come on!'
With Mulder's voice behind him,

'Yes, sir!
' Nick replied without turning around and started running.