Nick arrives at the Dark Serpent Squad's hideout and mounts one of their horses.

Heading south of King's Landing.

'Is it Dixon territory for now? I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
He muttered and kicked the horse in the stomach with both feet.

He kicked the horse's belly with both feet, and the horse galloped quickly through the gates of the royal capital.

Nick took a bite of the same rations that the Snakes' army carried, drank water from a canteen, and rode along the streets without sleeping except when the horses were resting.

Two days later, Nick arrives in Dixon territory.
He visits the house of the Marquess of Dixon,

'I'm Nick, a member of the Dark Serpent Squad of the House of Snakes. Is the lord staying here?
I asked the gatekeeper,

'His Excellency, the Count of the Frontier is not here at the moment. Baron Van Pelt is staying. Would you like me to take care of him?
Nick was told,

'Yes, please.
Nick bowed his head.

'Please wait here for a moment.
With that, the gatekeeper disappeared into the house and came out a few moments later with Van Pelt.

'Oh, it's Nick. Thanks for coming. The master isn't here right now, do you want to wait here?
Van Pelt said,

Van Pelt said, 'Which way did the manor stand?
Nick asked,

'I honestly don't know. He flew away on Master Pooh's back.'

'When did that happen?

'The day before yesterday.

'Then, may I wait here? If we release the signal arrows in a timely manner, Master Pu should be able to notice us if we are flying nearby.

'Oh, that inaudible arrow.

'Yes, it's an arrow that even we humans and elves can't hear, but the dragon kind can.

'It's faster than moving around. Leave the horse and get some rest. You look a little pale, Nick. You're not sleeping, are you?

'No, I'm not going to sleep until I tell the manor that Mr. Mulder has sent word!

'Then at least eat some food.'

'Karori Biscuits seem to be nutritious, but they don't taste very good, so I'd appreciate some food.

'Karoribisuket, it makes me thirsty.'
Van Pelt muttered in disgust.

After that, every hour or so, Nick would fire an arrow into the sky.
Twenty minutes after he fired his fourth arrow, a jet-black pterodactyl returned to the Marquis of Dixon's mansion with a sound that cut through the air.


'So it's the Baroness Curial of the East.
Patrick muttered to himself after hearing Nick's report.

'Yes, it's the Marquis Gibbs' story, and my grandson's life is at stake, so I'm sure he's not lying, but I haven't done any confirmation. He wants a report first.'
Nick told him,

'Let's just trust his character for now and get Queen Alicia out of there first, then we'll go to Attorney General Gibbs' grandson.
With that, Patrick jumped onto Pooh's back again.

'Nick, you stay here! Sleep for now! All right!
Patrick said,

Nick replied.