The Barony of Curial was in chaos as the pterodactyl circled in the sky above.

The people in the territory run away screaming and running into the buildings.

Directly below where the jet-black pterodactyl was circling was the mansion of Baron Curial.

Suddenly, the pterosaur swoops down, changes direction just before it is about to hit the mansion, rises, and starts turning again.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.


Patrick walked noiselessly across the roof of Baron Curial's noisy mansion, jumped down to the terrace, and inspected the large sweeping windows.
The door is locked.

Patrick inserted a wire into the keyhole of the window and dexterously moved it,
There was a pleasant sound. The sound was drowned out by the shouts of the servants of the house.

Patrick walks unconcernedly into the room he has entered.
He bypassed the empty room, opened the door, stepped out into the hallway, and began to walk at a steady pace.
No one has noticed his presence.

The servants who lean out of the windows and terraces to watch the pterodactyl in the sky are not looking at the inside of the house.
No, even if they did, they probably wouldn't notice.

They searched the room where he was hiding. Well, they found it quickly.

Standing in front of the door is a large man in metal armor. A knight of the ganache faction.

He opens the lid of the vial, dips the needle into the liquid inside, and dips it into the unarmored part of the metal-armored knight's knee,

He stabbed the knight in the back of the knee.

The knight kneels on the spot and picks his throat.

The knight's head armor is removed and thrown away, and after his mouth begins to chatter, he collapses with the whites of his eyes and draws his last breath.

Patrick rummaged through the body of the fallen Kingsguard, but found no keys.

'It can't be helped.
He muttered and drew the sword on his left hip noiselessly and slashed the underside of the door twice.

There was not even a sound of cutting, but Con and Patrick kicked his foot, and an isosceles triangle-shaped hole appeared in the lower half of the door with a quiet slam.

When they entered the room through the hole in the door, they found a slightly lightly dressed Queen Alicia the Third kneeling on the floor with her hands folded and her eyes closed,

'I will gladly give up my body if my death will reduce the chance of success of the rebellion. O God, use my soul to bring peace and tranquility to your mental kingdom.
He prayed aloud to God.

Hearing this, Patrick approached slowly, trying not to make a sound,

'Queen Alicia the Third, I've come to help you.
He whispered in Queen Alicia the Third's ear.