She let out a loud shout, jumped up a little, then prevented herself from falling forward with her arms, and turned her face towards the direction of the voice, to Queen Alicia the Third,

'It's Snakes, I'm here to help,' Patrick said again.
Patrick said again.

'You should have thought about that! I thought my heart was going to jump out of my mouth!
' shouted Queen Alicia the Third,

'Queen Alicia, your voice is too loud! People are coming! And your character is changing!
Patrick warned.

'You'll get louder and your character will fall apart! Oh, my God! So? How are you going to escape? You can do it on your own, but you can't do it while fighting with me, can you?
said Queen Alicia the Third, who had changed her character midway.

'It's easy, there's a window here too.
Patrick said, opening the window,

'Pooh! There it is!

Before the people in the house who heard Queen Alicia the Third's shout and Patrick's call for Pooh could reach the room where he was under house arrest, Pooh came down to the window at breakneck speed.

'Pooh, stay in the air with Queen Alicia. Okay?


'Alright, good boy.'
With that, Patrick threw the frightened Third Queen Alicia onto Pooh's back after forcibly carrying her as a princess.

Queen Alicia the Third, who had been moved through the air, fell into the basket behind the saddle on Pooh's back.

And after Pooh rose with Queen Alicia the Third on his back, the soldiers and Baron Curial arrived in the room.

'Hey, why are you here! Snakes!
' Baron Curial said with a surprised expression.

'You're missing the Count of the Frontier, Curial! You're a mere baron! How dare you help the rebellion, and put Queen Alicia the Third under house arrest? I've been given full authority by His Royal Highness the Dauphin, and I, Snakes, will take care of this crime!
Patrick said with a stern face.

Of course, I don't have carte blanche from Prince William.
I just wanted to say it.

However, the skill of the soldiers of Baron Curial was not very good, and in the small house, only a few of them could charge at each other, and Patrick had to cut them down in turn.

After slaying all who came at him, Baron Curial turned his back and ran away, but a shuriken from Patrick's hand pierced the back of Baron Curial's neck, causing him to let out a gasp and collapse.

'Well, I guess I'll just take the head home. Oh, and what about my family?
Patrick pondered for a moment.

'I'll just look for them.
With that, he began to move.