Patrick goes from room to room, searching for people.
He leaves the obvious servants alone and takes into custody the suspicious ones.
People who are old enough to fit the description of his wife and children.
Well, he couldn't go wrong with his wife.

Finding a woman who looked like his wife hiding in the master's room, Patrick was convinced by her attire.

'That's not something you wear at night.
Patrick said.

The jewels on her nightgown shone here and there.
Gorgeous embroidery with gold thread and a family crest.

'You're sure it's Madame Curial?
Patrick said,

'No! I'm just a servant!
I'm just a servant!' The woman replied.

'What kind of servant wears such a gorgeous nightgown?
Patrick retorts.

'I borrowed it!
' says the woman,

'I don't believe you!
And she says the obvious,

'It's true!
The woman shouted, and Patrick got tired of it,

'If you're just a servant, I'll cut you off right here and now!
Then he put his hand on the sword machete on his right hip,

'No! I'm not a servant! Don't kill me!

'You should have said so from the beginning, you scum! Where's my son?

'He's with the servants' children.

'd*mn you for your wiles.'
As she says this, she ties the woman's wrists with a rope behind her waist and walks her forward to her son.

When she finds him, she throws her and her son into the Baron Curial's carriage, wrapping them up,

'POOF! Come down here!
He calls out to Pooh in a loud voice.

Queen Alicia the Third shrinks in the basket on Pooh's back as he lands in the garden.

Queen Alicia the Third is trembling, and Patrick..,

'Oh? What's wrong?
Patrick asks,

'No matter what, there's no way I'm fine on top of a pterosaur flying at such a high speed in the sky!
Queen Alicia the Third shouted at me.

'No, I had no other choice.
Patrick said, scratching his head,

'Well, thank you for your help, but ......'


'I won't forget this horrible grudge!
' said Queen Alicia the Third, glaring at Patrick,

'Well, I'm sorry to tell you this, but we're going to start now. I'd like to ask Queen Alicia to take refuge in the Abbott frontier county to the north. ......'
Patrick said as he began to explain,

Queen Alicia the Third refused.

'You don't like your daughter's place?

'No, I don't want to go there!

'But I have no other choice.

'Why don't you just go by carriage?

'That would take a long time, and we don't have any allies!

'I definitely don't want to be in the sky again!
The half-conscious Queen Alicia the Third complained.