Viscount Wylie's Domain.
This is a territory in the east, and is the family home of Baron Wylie.

Although it is a country estate in the east, it is a reasonably prosperous and peaceful estate.
On that day, that peaceful countryside was struck by chaos and terror.

A flying jet-black pterodactyl.

The Viscount Wylie's people know it's a beast sent by Patrick Von Snakes.

But the people don't know.

The people flee, the livestock make noise.

A jet-black pterodactyl swoops down toward Viscount Wylie's mansion.

It must have looked as if it was going to attack Viscount Wylie's house.

It is unclear whether anyone was suspicious of the carriage that was grabbed by the pterosaur's legs.

Viscount Wylie, hearing the shouts of those working in the villa, came out into the garden to see what was going on.
A jet-black pterosaur landed in front of him.

And the man with black hair and black eyes who alighted from the back of the pterosaur.

'His Excellency the Earl of Snakes Frontier! You've suddenly made a huge appearance! How is my son?
Viscount Wylie's voice was a little slurred.

Patrick pointed to the carriage being held by the pterodactyl's legs,
'Viscount Wylie, I apologize for this sudden visit. This is a matter of national importance, so please forgive me. In that carriage are Queen Alicia the Third and the families of the Barons Curial who participated in the rebellion. I need you to protect Queen Alicia the Third and lend me soldiers to take the Curial family away. When I said that I would put Queen Alicia on the back of Pooh and fly directly to the north, Queen Alicia vehemently opposed the idea, and after much deliberation, I came to Viscount Wylie, who was closest to me, to ask for his help, even though it would cause me trouble. Also, Baron Wylie is fine!
Patrick began to explain.

He listened to the whole explanation,
'I see, I understand the situation. I'll help you.
Viscount Wylie readily agreed.

After that, they managed to rescue Queen Alicia the Third from the half-crushed carriage, and threw the members of the Curial family into another carriage without any special treatment, as they were slightly injured but seemed to be in good health.

'Then, after Queen Alicia the Third has spent the night here, I'll take her north to the Abbott frontier county without passing through the capital,' I promised Patrick.
Viscount Wylie, who promised Patrick.

'Please do. I'll be flying to King's Landing after I investigate Baron Curial's house, so I'll be leaving here immediately. Take care of the rest!
And with that, Patrick disappeared into the sky on the back of Pooh,

'How can my son serve a man like that? I can't. The power of the pterosaur alone is overwhelming.'
I can't do it.' said Viscount Wylie,

I've been carried up into the sky. And the second time in a ramshackle carriage!
Queen Alicia the Third complained.

'I sympathize with you.
Viscount Wylie bowed his head deeply.

After returning to Baron Curial's mansion and placing all the money and valuables in the mansion in a basket on Pooh's back,

'Pooh, you can crush it.
Patrick said to Pooh.

The mansion of Baron Curial in the east has been destroyed.