301-True Name 2

The sight of Pichan brought something to mind, Patrick.

'Oh! You've become beautiful, Pichan!
He spoke to Pichan.

'I'm so happy to hear your praise, my Lord!
I'm so happy to hear your praise, Lord!

'Pichan! Your voice! You can talk.
Patrick was surprised.

'That's because I've evolved.
Pichan sounded confident.

'Pichan, do you know what Yato-no-kami is?

'Yato-no-kami? What's that?

'No, it's just a resemblance, right?

'Does it look like me?

'Sort of. It's not like I've seen you before.

'Hmm, okay. Now that I've finally used all the magic I've accumulated, I feel great! In fact, I wanted to keep Pu and Pei as wyverns for a while, but they got so excited when they got their powers and released them that they ended up as normal pterodactyls.
But they got so excited and released their power that it stopped at the level of a normal pterosaur,' said a slightly dissatisfied Pichan.

'Hmm? Aren't pterosaurs the best? If I feed them my blood and call them by their true names, will they evolve again?

'Maybe I'll just end up strengthening them, do you want to try? The conditions for evolution are that an individual with the aptitude to evolve eats a higher level demon and has enough magic power. This is the condition for normal demons, and for Emissary Beasts, there are two additional conditions: they must receive a part of their Lord, and they must be called by their true name. Pooh and the others did it with only two conditions.

'Try it! I'll give it a try.

Have Pooh and Pei drink the same blood as before,

'Prototix, perodetita.'
Patrick calls out to Pu and Peh.

Pooh and Peh glowed dimly and their bodies grew a little larger.

'See, I knew it. You're not even the Dragon King. At best you're a dragon knight or a dragon general. Well, your magic's gotten a little stronger and your eggs will hatch a little faster. Po's not ready yet. They're still like babies.

'At that size?

Po and the others have already grown to over five meters.

'Because the water dragons I killed in the lake were bigger and tougher, weren't they?

'Yes, it was!

'Well, okay. Lord, leave the first attack to me, the Snake Dragon King!
Pichan was full of motivation.

Patrick was a little afraid of Pichan's motivation.

And so the preparations were made,

'I'm off then.
Patrick said to Thorinaris.

'Even if they pull your hands and feet off, you'll come back alive. I can't do this without you now.
Thorinaris said.
What is impossible is left to the reader's imagination.

'Well, how many days can you stand?
Patrick asked with a troubled look,

'Thirty days, that's the limit. If you don't come back by then, I'll take Poo or Peh, and if that's not possible, I'll take Po, and I'll come to you with the others!
said Thorinaris.

The Fifty Sounds are Po's brothers.

Patrick gave them the initials in alphabetical order, as he saw fit. A for Azure. I've decided to call them Yancy, but I usually call them A-chan and I-chan.

'Okay, Pu, Pei, take care of Sona.
Patrick pats Pooh and Peh on the head and leaves the castle.

'Snakes Kingdom Army, let's go!
' he shouts loudly.
' the soldiers respond.