300-real name

Autumn, the year Patrick declared his independence and founded the Kingdom of the Snakes.

The crops have been harvested, and the people of the Snakes are ready for winter.
Well, the Kingdom of the Snakes has a temperate climate except in the north.

'We're ready.
A man with black hair and dark eyes in the hall of the Snakes King's castle.

'We've gathered the troops ......'.

The words that followed announced that the battle was about to begin.
But his words were a little weak.

A large amount of food and weapons have been brought into the fort, and everything is ready. Large wagons and many large horses have been acquired.
The reinforcement and deployment of the soldiers had already been completed, and they were scheduled to leave the Royal Castle and enter the First Fort at dawn tomorrow.

We have been informed that the shortage of food in the Zabine Empire could not be solved with this year's harvest.
The previous war had ravaged the fields of the land they had occupied, resulting in a poor harvest.

It is almost certain that they will attack us in order to secure food for when the winter comes.
We had prepared for that ahead of time. There is no custom of declaring war in this continent.
That's why they have forts and such to keep watch.

There was no need to wait for the Xavian Empire to finish preparing for war and attack.

'So why now? ......'

The two pterodactyls squealed.

'No, it's fine. It's the fruit of Poo and Pae's love! Keep it warm and show me the pretty one.
Patrick says to them,

The two pups squealed happily.

Yes, in the hall of the Snakes' castle, in their shared bed, there were two large eggs!

Pei had laid them. Patrick had been informed by Garus, the servant beast, that Pei had become numb to the fact that Pooh had not come into heat with Pei, and had attacked him.

'I was going to ride Pooh and Peh and attack the enemy fort first, but they're both keeping one egg warm, so it's impossible. Poe and the others are in the moat defending the castle, and they're too slow to move out of the water. Their bodies are hard enough that arrows won't pierce them, but what can we do?
Patrick says to himself, and something taps him on the right shoulder.

He turns around and sees Pichan's big face.

Is it an illusion that he looks like he's smirking?

'What? My blood?'
Pichan must have said something to Patrick.
Patrick asked back, and Pichan nodded.

'It's okay, but if you're thirsty, I'll get you some water.
When Patrick said that, Pichan shook her head.

'Hmm? No? You need it to evolve? You're going to evolve⁉︎'
As he says this, he pulls out the sword on his left hip and slides his left pinky finger across the blade, blood dripping from the wound.

Opening his mouth, Pichan drinks it.

'Is it enough?
Patrick drinks the potion, watching as Pichan closes her mouth. The scar on Patrick's finger disappears.

Pichan stares at Patrick.

'Huh? Call me by my real name? Your real name?'
Patrick asks back, and Pichan shakes her head violently.


A moment after Patrick said that, as if in response to the true name, Pichan began to glow violently.

A few minutes later, the light converged and what was there was a giant snake with scales like black pearls with an iridescent luster.
It had red eyes and two horns extending forward from its head.

Its appearance resembled that of the Yatagami god of the Tokugawa Shogunate!