299-to yell at

'Oh, no! Please don't let them destroy the castle!
Antony hurriedly appeared and asked Patrick.

'You're here, you idiot! Do you think you're equal to us?
Patrick yells at Antony.

'No! That's not what I'm saying! I'm saying that we should make some concessions and come to a treaty of friendship as soon as possible! I don't want to get killed!
I don't want to get killed!' Antony excuses his mistake.

'Then why is it that the ambassador says let's make a treaty of equality! What is it? Does your ambassador have more authority than you, the king? Are you too incompetent to properly communicate your intentions to the ambassador? I don't need your incompetent little brother. Shall I kill you and take over this country? Oh⁉︎'

'No, don't kill me, don't take over! I'm having the ambassador brought in now!

An hour later, Patrick is sitting on the throne in Plum Castle when Ambassador Elio is dragged in front of him.

Why is he being dragged?
Because Ambassador Elio's legs were shaking and he couldn't walk because of Patrick's killing intent.
No, it's not just Elio, everyone in this space is trembling.

Antony, who was dragging Ambassador Elio, was the only one who could move.
That's the king.

'You're the one who said something about a treaty of friendship between equals. You've got a good heart. Antony told me I could make concessions, and I brought up equality. You're saying Plum's worth it, right? What do we have? Food? We're good, right? What do you got for me, boy?
Patrick questioned Ambassador Erio with all his might.

'Ah, ah, that's it, hei, yes! It's the troops! We have soldiers with great physical abilities! They'll be more useful on the battlefield than the humans! If we can conclude a treaty of friendship on equal terms, we can expect a great deal of success when we go to support them in the event of a good battle! Yes, sir!
Ambassador Erio replied, though he chewed a lot.

'So, you're offering the lives of the beastmen as a fighting force? Very well. We can't be on equal terms, but we can make a treaty of friendship on similar terms! But! But you must join us on the battlefield! If you're willing to give your life, wouldn't it be disloyal to the rest of the nation if you didn't give yours? It's settled.
Patrick decided on his own.

Ambassador Elio shouted in confusion.

'Antony, you've got some interesting men. From now on, all negotiations with us will be conducted by you or him. Is that clear?
Patrick said, staring at Antony,

'Yes, sir!
Antony replied, standing straight and unmoving.

Antony replies, standing erect. 'Then send out your troops, because we'll be fighting Zabeen soon! Then I'm leaving. Oh, you know what will happen later if we don't have enough soldiers, right?
Patrick left with a smirk on his face.

Ambassador Elio was very angry with Antony, but I don't need to mention that.