298-to lose one's temper

'Did you take over the Mental Kingdom?'
Antony Dis Plum, who had been looking at a book in the Plum King's Castle after hearing a report from his subordinate about the establishment of the Snakes Kingdom, raised his head and asked back.

The shimmering golden hair on his head was a color unique to the royal family of the Lion Tribe.

'No, it seems that they have become independent, involving other territories.
The subordinate replied,

'Well, I knew you weren't the kind of person who would just do as you were told.

'Yes, the question is, what will they say to our country?
The question is, what will they say to our country?' said the worried subordinate.

'What do you think?

'If there's an advantage for the Snakes Kingdom to take in our country, it's that we have an abundance of food. However, the Snakes Kingdom also produces wheat, so the food situation shouldn't be too bad, so I think it would be best to conclude a friendship treaty, trade with each other, and avoid conflict.''

'Yeah, because you never know what they'll say if they take you in! At any rate, send a diplomatic ambassador and get them to conclude a friendship treaty somehow! I don't mind making a few concessions! It's better than being killed!


So, the fuchsbau ambassador Elio was dispatched to the Snakes Kingdom to meet with the Snakes Kingdom Ambassador at the Snakes Kingdom Embassy in the Mental Kingdom. He says some unnecessary things that he should not have said, but he wants to conclude the deal and go home.

Elio has never met Patrick, nor has he seen the pterosaur.
He's only heard gossip. He was in another country at the time of the riot.
Bad luck, that's all I can say.

If you were in the country at the time of the riot,

'We're a new country, but we'll sign a treaty of friendship with you on equal terms. Isn't that good for you?
You wouldn't have said that.

Hearing those words, Ambassador Mulder von Raven, Viscount of the Snakes and diplomat,

'Well. May I speak these words to His Majesty?
He asked back.

Hearing this, Ambassador Elio assumed that it was to tell him that the Kingdom of Plum was a friendly country towards new nations,

'Of course.
He replied.

This was the beginning of the "Tragedy of Elio.

From then on, Ambassador Elio's life was one of being constantly forced by the Snakes Kingdom to do things that were unreasonable, and of having his home country angry at him.

Later, "Elio's Tragedy" was made into a book by someone and became a huge bestseller, and even a play was staged in many countries.

It is a story that conveys the horror of an irreversible mistake.

In this story, Patrick is portrayed as a diabolical king, and the people of other countries who saw the novel and the play will recognize him as a diabolical person.

Well, it's not wrong.

And Elio returned to his home country without recognizing his gaffe as a gaffe.
He reported to the king's castle that he had a good response and was living a normal life, but suddenly he was taken away by soldiers from the castle.

This was just before Erio was summoned.

A man runs hurriedly through the corridors of Plum Castle. He opens the door of the King's office without knocking,

'Your Majesty! A jet-black pterodactyl is approaching from the sky!

'What? He's here? What in the world does he want? It's hard to imagine that the king himself would come all the way here to sign a friendship treaty?

'I don't know what it is, but I'm curious about the fact that he said it himself, and I have a bad feeling about it.

'Don't say that, or you'll invite something really bad.
And then..,

I felt the whole castle shake with a loud sound.
At the same time, there was a tremendous sense of death.

'Antony! Come out! You think you're on equal terms with us? You've got to be kidding me! I'll destroy this castle! Get your ass out here!
Patrick's voice reverberated through the castle as he shouted.

'See what you did? That's what you get for saying that! That's not good! He's mad as hell!
Antony says with a slightly frightened expression.

'Please don't blame me! But what does it mean to be equal? Didn't His Majesty say that it's okay to make concessions?
The subordinate also said with a troubled look.

'Yes, I did! I also directly told Ambassador Erio that concessions are acceptable and to conclude this agreement as soon as possible! At any rate, bring Ambassador Erio here immediately! I'll make sure he's in a good mood for now! Hurry up!
Antony hurriedly ran,

'Yes, yes!
replied his subordinate as he ran.