297-leadership group

At the moment, the Kingdom of Sneks is running around reorganizing its forces and securing weapons.

As for the weapons, many dwarves had already moved to the Snakes territory for the sake of alcohol.
The dwarves, who normally drink and make noise at night, are working at night and are currently manufacturing weapons at full speed.

'Wouldn't you like to try some brandy for the nobility? I'll give you a bottle of brandy for each dwarf involved, in addition to your reward, if you can get the required number by the deadline.
This was the killer phrase Patrick used.
It was an impossible order, but the dwarves were thrilled to hear it.

As a result, they were able to secure weapons, but to secure food, the amount of alcohol produced was slightly reduced.
The amount of alcohol made from wheat and rice, which can be used to preserve food, is decreasing, but the people are being lulled into believing that they are getting other cheaper wines and liquors.

The dwarves, in particular, must not be allowed to notice.
The end of a drink is the end of a relationship is one of the most famous Dwarven sayings.

In the old main building of the Snakes, currently the Royal Castle of the Kingdom of the Snakes, the leaders are currently gathering for a meeting.

'Prime Minister Mirko, how is the military buildup going?
Patrick asks Mirko.

'Ha! Thanks to the hard work of the dwarves and artisans, we're about 80% of the way there. We should have them in about a month.
Prime Minister Mirko replies.

Yes, Mirko has been appointed Prime Minister of the Snakes Kingdom. His current title is Marquis.

'Good, things are going well. General Elvis! How's the training of the national army?''

''Yes! The Snakes' Royal Guard is fine, sir! Currently, the training of the Marquis of Abbot's troops, the 1st Fort's troops (formerly the Western Army of the Western Fort), the Earl of Wylie and the Earl of Van Pelt's troops (Wylie and Van Pelt are appointed as Earls) is being strengthened under the direction of Major General Rismo and Major General Toning. I've decided to use them as a security force, since the other houses' territorial troops can't keep up with them at all, except for the Earl of Connor's troops.
I've decided to use them as a security force,' replied Count Elvis, who had been appointed as a general (his family name was Elvis).

'Well, it can't be helped. So be it. Lieutenant General Wylie! How's the fortification progress at Fort 1?'

'Yes, sir! We're currently installing a fence to connect the west and north forts, but we probably won't make it in time.'

'Well, I suppose so, how's everything else going?

'Yes, the hidden fort is almost complete.

'Good! Lieutenant General Van Pelt, what is the status of the second fort in the north (the new fort that the Mental Kingdom was working on in the mountainous region)?

'The fence is the same as in the west. The rest is almost complete! The soldiers from the mountainous region have been brought in to replace the ones from the north, and are currently being trained under Abbott's leadership.

'All right, I'll give up on the fence from the north. Help me with the fence from the west. Major General Kusnatz, how is the reinforcement of our castle's defenses progressing?

'Yes, sir! We're repairing and improving the walls, but it's going well.'
Major General Cusnut (Cusnut is his family name and his title is Viscount), the commander of the Royal Castle Guard, replied.

'Major General Ein, what are the movements of the Zabeen Empire and the Mental Kingdom?

''Let's start with the Mental Kingdom. We're busy reorganizing the nobles in the Mental Kingdom and recruiting soldiers. Under the Marquis of Canaan, we've gathered several wizards from the human race and formed the Mental Kingdom's Magic Corps, which is currently in training. Well, there are three of us, including Lord Decourse.
Major General Ein (also a viscount, with Ein as his family name) answered.

'Oh, you found two of them?

'Yes, both of them are men who have just turned thirty this year in the countryside, and the conditions are the same, so it may be that the age of thirty is when the human race develops the ability to use magic. We are currently investigating the possibility of finding them in our country if we search with that in mind. The Snakes Mansion in the Mental Kingdom is being used as an embassy for the Snakes Kingdom, and we are exporting barley and wine to the Mental Kingdom from there. The other day, I had a meeting with the Ambassador of Plum Kingdom at the embassy. He readily approved of our country and asked us to conclude a treaty of friendship. He's asking for a treaty of equality if possible, but I think we should reject that and treat them as His Majesty's apprentice state. And as for the Zabine Empire, its soldiers and strength are dwindling due to chronic food shortages over the past few years and the recent war with the small nations to the west. I think it's time to attack!

'All right! Now, I want you all to stay alert until the end!
Patrick said, looking at the faces of those present,

'Yes, sir!
'I'll fly to Plum.

'I'm going to fly to Plum and punish him for talking so much about a treaty of equality!
The depths of Patrick's eyes glow suspiciously.