296-Kingdom of Snakes

There are still some minor problems, but they will be taken care of in due course.
The problem is the Snakes Frontier, or rather the Kingdom of the Snakes.

Patrick von Snakes has declared his independence.
Not only the nobles of the west, but also the Abbotts, the frontiersmen of the north, have joined the Snakes' side.
As a result, the territory of the Mental Kingdom was reduced by about a quarter.
In addition, the west was a wheat-producing region and also controlled the kingdom's liquor, while the northern mountainous regions and Abbott territory were iron-producing regions.

In a meeting between Patrick von Snakes, King of the Snakes, and William von Mental, King of the Mental, a treaty of friendship was concluded, and it was agreed that liquor and wheat would be exported from the Snakes Kingdom, but the problem was iron.

However, the problem was iron. The Abbott frontier families in the north, which were iron producers, were integrated into the Snakes Kingdom, and the nobles in the north along the border with the Xavian Empire also turned to the Snakes Kingdom. The houses between Abbot's domain in the mountains and the original enclave, which was an enclave, also surrendered to the Kingdom of Snekes, as they could not survive being caught in the middle. The threat of the Xavian Empire was reduced, but a third of the iron-producing areas in the kingdom were lost.

And the iron,
'We will not be able to export iron for the time being, as we need to prepare weapons for the expected war with the Xavian Empire.
That's why we can't export iron for the time being,' the Snakes diplomat said.

Also, almost all of the former 8th Army and about half of the former 2nd Army's single soldiers defected to the Kingdom of Sneks.

Many of the Northern Army also defected to the Kingdom of Sneks. As a result, the number of soldiers in the Kingdom has also decreased.
In the Western Army, the commanders of the major generals of the nobility and even the most junior soldiers defected to the Kingdom of Sneks.

As a result, the nobles in the country began to talk about taking back the Snakes Kingdom in battle and annexing it, but due to MacLean's rebellion and the rebellions before that, the soldiers were undeniably weakened, and since the strongest soldiers had defected to the Snakes Kingdom, they could not fight very well.

It is better that we managed to persuade the nobles and avoid a war with the Snakes Kingdom by concluding a friendship treaty.
If there is a war, we will have to deal with two pterodactyls.
Two pterodactyls that have anecdotes of burning the continent to the ground.
That's what William personally wanted to avoid.

At present, the western border is west of the former territory of the Viscount Connor, the current Earl of Connor of the Snakes, and the northern border is north of the former Count Abbott's territory, the current Marquis Abbott of the Snakes.
The north and west have been reduced by more than half.

'You're here too?
A soldier calls out to a familiar face who has newly defected.

'I can't sleep at night without hearing that yelling.

'Are you a dominatrix?

'No, I'm not! You've been coming here too.'

'That's because I've become so strong that I can see it myself. If being under the Reaper might make me stronger, I'll join him.'

'Well, yeah! Besides, the pay is good for what it's worth!

'No different!

The conversation between the soldiers was in full bloom.