When Patrick returned to his estate, or rather, his country, he explained to his servants how things were going.

'So, the Snakes Frontier Realm will become the Kingdom of the Snakes! Perhaps Wylie, Van Pelt, and the other surrounding houses will follow our lead. The economy of the west would no longer be able to run without us.
Patrick said confidently, as if he were sure of it.
The servants in the mansion seem to be a little confused, but they are in a resigned mode, thinking that it is no use telling them now.

'That's all well and good, but what about your brother William?
Thorinaris asks Patrick.

'He's been stirring up McClane and the others who were holed up in the royal castle, so they're probably in trouble, and he might not be able to fight. Well, they've been threatening the soldiers too, so I don't think the victory is certain. If you want, I can go check on them later.
Patrick replied, looking at Thorinaris.

'That's fine. He's my brother, and I'm a little worried about him. You can sneak out and check on him later.'

And when they were done talking, Patrick turned his head towards the servants,

'Now, I'll tell you what we're going to do. After we have the Snakes Kingdom in order, we will attack the Zabeen Empire, albeit at short notice! The Zabeen Empire will attack next year anyway. We don't have to wait for them! Hurry up and get weapons and food! Ein, send word to the Dark Serpents. Find out what's going on in the Menthal Kingdom. If those foolish nobles are still out there and they're coming for us, we'll have to deal with them. Well, I'm sure His Majesty William, or rather the Mental King, will take care of them and won't attack us, but he's a little too kind and a little too lenient. Also, send Plum and Zabeen to investigate.

Ein saluted, but the others looked uneasy as they were told of the battle.


The Mental Kingdom is in turmoil at the moment.
McLean's rebellion ended in failure, and William officially succeeded to the throne and became the new king.

So far, so good.
The problem is that the house that was involved in the rebellion must be purged, and the house that was at the center of the country was involved in the rebellion.
The Marquesses of Bendrick, who served as Prime Minister, were noblemen of the court, and although they did not own any lands, they had a good position and power in the country. Even if it was due to the magical influence of the house's steward, he could not be exonerated.
The former Marquis of Bendrick will be beheaded for his crimes.

The position of Prime Minister was assumed by the Marquess of Dixon, after some twists and turns.

Baron Keselowski was in charge of an important department called the Kingdom Investigation Department. However, it was impossible to overlook this, and the head of the family was beheaded.

The heads of the other noble families involved were beheaded without fail.
The family was stripped of their titles, but their lives were not taken.

Now, this is where King William is in trouble.
Because the number of nobles had decreased due to the turmoil until now, and he had been dealing with the situation by adding new barons.
Barons are the bottom of the aristocracy, but they still own land. A considerable number of villages and towns have lost their lords.

New noblemen must be recruited to take charge of the territories, but the number of successful noblemen is small this time. Because of Patrick's deception and McClane's self-destruction.

After much thought, King William came to the conclusion that he would appoint a knight-errant from a large faction's house as a baron, and let the faction manage the territory with generous support.
If Patrick were to hear this, he would have said, "It's naive to make him a noble when he has no credit! Patrick would probably say. In fact, Dixon, Andretti, Simon and others advised him to be lenient.
But when William asked them to come up with an alternative, they couldn't come up with a good one.

Therefore, a good number of knights were newly appointed as barons and increased in number, and they are now busy dealing with this crisis in order to overcome it.

The Canaanns, for their efforts in helping King William escape, and then helping him in many other ways, as well as for the lack of lords due to the decrease in the number of nobles, have been made marquises. As a result, the south was almost completely occupied by the two families of the Marquises of Dixon and Kanaan.

Wayne became the official head of the Simon Marquess family, and was appointed as the Commander of the Royal Kingsguard.

The former Knight Commander of the Kingsguard, Andretti, was appointed to the position of Counselor of the National Guard, and the National Guard was reorganized, with the reduced number of the 2nd and 3rd armies merged into two new armies.