294-William and McClane

After that, before the battle begins, soldiers sneak away from the royal castle, and William's soldiers capture them.

Seeing that they have come to their senses and the number of soldiers has decreased, the nobles such as Bendrick and Keselowski surrender in desperation.

Finally, McClane emerges from the castle.


The two princes face each other.

'I've done a lot of research on this matter. It was probably guided by the magic of a dark elf named Arnold. I found a broken magic crystal on his body. But rumor has it that you can't act on what you don't feel in your heart, and it seems that the jealousy deep down in everyone's heart was controlled. Therefore, I am aware that I am not without responsibility. I could have taken responsibility and committed suicide, but that might have hindered the future operation of the Mental Kingdom. The one who solved the riot was probably Snakes. There is no one who can serve a king without power, so why don't we have a fair fight with the sword?

'McClane, are you dying? You know my skill with a sword.

'I'm the best in the kingdom! I know. But you're too kind to cut anyone. Then I think you have a chance.'

'I made a promise to Patrick. I'll take McClane's head, and for once I'm not being nice.'
'Then let's see it. Show me your resolve. Come on!

All right. Come on!

And so, in front of everyone's eyes, the one-on-one match began.

William looked closely at McClane as he ran towards him.
He narrowly avoids McClane's two-handed sword swing to his right, and kicks McClane's waiting hand with his left foot.
McClane let out a slight gasp of pain.

'That's sweet, McClane! You can't beat me with that arm, can you?'

'Isn't it your brother who is naive? If you had slashed him with your sword instead of kicking him, the game would have been decided. After all, you can't slay a man?

'Next time, I'll kill him!

'Can you kill him?

'Yes, I can. I swore to Patrick.'
William shouted, sword at the ready.

McClane ran at him again and swung his sword sideways at William's stomach.
William evaded the sword by taking a large step forward and ducking under it. He then swung his sword at McClane's right knee, who was standing in front of him.
As soon as he hears the sound, McClane's right knee and below fly through the air.

He then fell to the ground in a prone position and rolled with such force that he finally stopped on his back.

As he fell to the ground, McClane said,

'Guess I couldn't beat my brother after all. But he's ruined my life, hasn't he? He destroyed Baron Stein's house, which was supposed to be my first job, and my first job was to crack down on petty tax evasion. I thought that since I was the third prince, I would eventually get a knighthood and run the estate, but then my brother Henry was executed for treason and disappeared, and I became the second in line to the throne, so there was no more talk of me becoming independent and running the estate just in case. In the meantime, I've been asked to become a count of the court nobility, but I can't accept that! I couldn't sleep well at night because I was exposed to his deadly energy, and I was afraid of being exposed to people's deadly energy up close, which made it impossible for me to take the lead in a battle, and everything I wanted to do was crushed. But then Bendrick said something sweet. I thought I had a chance to become king, but here I am. I don't know what I did wrong. I just wanted to make my life better. It's all her fault! If it weren't for him, none of this would have happened! That godd*mn plague!
McClane thinks back over the past few years.

'You should have just poisoned me.
William says to McClane,

'Poisoning is painful, isn't it? I didn't want to see my half-blood brother, William, suffer. He was very good to me when I was little. I enjoyed those days.

'We all got along so well back then.'

'I wonder when the three of us started to lose our rapport.

'When Henry was about ten years old. It was around the time when the Raven family flashed behind him.''

'Ah, those were the days. Brother Henry was growing up fast and had a lot of character. Factions didn't matter to me at that time, but the people around me wouldn't let me. If only my father had handed over the throne to my brother William as soon as possible. ...... It's too late now. Now, brother, it's time for you to deal with me. I've lost a lot of blood and I'm starting to feel faint. If possible, I'd like you to decapitate me so I don't have to suffer. Can you do that? My brother's skill with the sword is top-notch.

'He was a weak-minded prince who had never cut anyone before, but he had the skill. Farewell brother. I hope we can be brothers again when I am reborn!
With that, William's sword was raised.

'I'd like to be a good, commoner brother this time.
As tears streamed from McClane's eyes, William's sword swung down, and McClane's head fell away from his body without a sound.

Droplets flowed from William's eyes as he stared down at McClane's head.
After a few seconds, William looked up,

'The rebellious Third Prince McClane Mental has been defeated by William Mental!
William raised his sword to the sky and shouted loudly.
At the sound of his voice, the nobles and soldiers of the Dauphin's faction..,

and shouted in praise of William.