293-an ugly fight

The next morning, in the royal castle, cursing was seen here and there, and even a fight broke out among the soldiers.

In one room,

'You old man! Think of your age! How dare you lay a hand on the king's maid!

'She was originally from my faction! I've had my eye on her for a long time! And you snatched her from the side!

''Kidnapping is not a good idea! I was just asking the maidservant about it!

'That's what you call kidnapping! How can I refuse an offer from the royal family?

''Shut up! I told you to think about your age! How old are you? If you have a child, you'll be dead by the time it comes of age!

'I'll live at least another 20 years!

'You can't even get it up!

'I'm still working!
and an ugly fight broke out.

In another room,
'You! You lied about a strategy meeting, and brought a woman into the room and cheated on her under these circumstances.

'Wait! You're wrong! I didn't do anything. Is this letter true?

'If I didn't do anything, why did I find a woman's underwear under my pillow? I don't want to hear any more unsavory excuses!

'Wait, there's no answer about Arnold! Put down that knife for now! Let's talk about it calmly! We'll talk about it!

'There's nothing to talk about! I'll kill you and I'll die!

'Wait, wait, wait! All right, all right! I'll forgive you if you cut off all ties with Arnold! Hey! It's really a misunderstanding on my part!
After running around the castle, the man opened the door of Bendrick's office and ran away.

'What's going on? The son of Baron Keselowski, I believe, Lord Kyle.
Kyle Keselowski bursts into the room, and Arnold, Bendrick's butler, interrogates him.

And right after that, a woman bursts in.

'So talk and you'll understand! Look, it's your beloved Arnold!
Kyle Keselowski hides behind Butler Arnold and pushes Arnold back, bringing him closer to the woman.

'Arnold! Get out of my way! You're going to kill that man and I'm going to die!'
The woman shouted at Arnold.

'Hey! Don't drag me into this!

And so on, and Butler Arnold flees down the hallway. Kyle Keselowski follows.

The woman says,
'Don't run away, you cheater!
The woman came running, holding a knife above her head with both hands.

She then slipped in the sewage that someone had thrown in the hallway.

The woman immediately threw the knife above her head and put her hands on the floor.
She was able to avoid hitting the floor with her face.
However, the knife he had thrown flew with great force. With tremendous speed.

Kyle Keselowski pointed.

Arnold looks back toward the direction Kyle is pointing.
And then,
A flying knife slashes the butler Arnold's throat.
The blood that spurted out stained the spot red.
With a moan, Arnold's hand, which had been holding his throat, slid down and he fell flat on his face.

In that instant, the bloodshot-eyed people inside and outside the castle stopped moving for a moment.

At the same time, a black blur rose up from each person and disappeared with the wind.
It was not only the castle, but also the surrounding nobles of the Dauphin's faction.

And then..,
'Hey, hey, we're not going to get killed for saying that to Snakes, are we?

'Oh, yeah. That could be bad! What do we do?

'Now that we've been let off the hook, we'll go to the service of Prince William, or rather, His Majesty William, and ask him to protect us in case of emergency! I'm sure Snakes will listen to His Majesty's words!

'Uh-huh! That's the only way!

and so on, hoping for a ray of hope.

As for the Royal Castle..,

'Oh no! It's really bad! We're going up against the Snakes with their pterodactyls? Am I insane?
' said Keselowski, his head in his hands,

'Replacing the royal family? I can't face my predecessors who have done so much for me!
Bendrick lets go of his grip on McClane and drops to his knees on the floor.

'I don't know why I listened to Bendrick's sweet words. I could've done more. There was no way I could have beaten the Snakes. ......'
McClane also let go of Bendrick's hand and felt nothing but regret.