With those words, the forces of the Snakes Kingdom began to retreat one after another from around the Mental King's Castle.

'Then, Baron Van Pelt's army, we will be incorporated into the Snakes Kingdom. Withdraw!
' Baron Van Pelt shouts.

'Abbott's Frontier Counts, we're leaving.

'Baron Wylie's forces retreat!
The Abbott Frontier Counts, Baron Wylie, and other noble families of the so-called Snakes' group are retreating one after another.

The noble families of the western territories have almost all returned with their troops, and a large force of the Abbott frontier count's army has also retreated from the north.

'Viscount Canaan's army: ......'
Decourse was about to say,

'Brother Decourse, wait!
A voice whispered in DeCourse's ear.

Patrick interrupted DeCourse as he was about to speak up,
'Shh! Quiet! Brother Decourse, side with His Majesty William. Maybe Mister Andretti seemed decent, but you have to protect His Majesty William.''

'Are you sure about that?

'He's Sona's brother. Those nobles look like the symptoms of a jealousy control spell I heard about from the dark elves we hire. Their eyes are bloodshot, they can't talk rationally, and their eyes are cloudy. That's why I need my brother Decourse, who's also a wizard, to protect me. We don't know for sure, so don't tell anyone yet. All right, then. I'll go talk to Wayne.

'Okay, ...... if that's okay with you Pat.'

'Please do. Bye.'
With that, Patrick left.

Patrick spots Wayne and sneaks over to him.

'Pat, did you just fly away?
Wayne whispers back to Patrick.

'I went right down and came back. Andretti's grandfather seemed fine, but the look in the eyes of the nobles around him was strange. Probably magic. Go with Brother Decourse and protect His Majesty William. And since we've been stirring up trouble in the castle, we're probably outnumbered. They'll win without us. Tell His Majesty William, good luck! Good luck. Bye.

Patrick patted Wayne on the shoulder.

Patrick runs off with his hand raised in the air without looking back at Wayne's voice.

'Shouldn't we be marching on the Snakes territory right now?

'Can we beat a pterosaur?'

'Maybe one of those dragons.

'No, he's got two of them!

'If we go after them now! He's already killed three of us!

'We'll never make it! They're flying in the sky!

The nobles are arguing with each other, and William looks on with a sense of shame.

'Patrick, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm not good enough.
He muttered,

'Your Majesty, may I have a word?

'Hmm? Wayne Simon, what's up?'

'I have a message from Pat, no, from the Snakes. Actually, it's .......'

I just got word from Wayne,

'Patrick, thank you. I'll take care of McClane myself. Just like you promised!

William's eyes filled with determination and fight.