When Patrick returned to William's office after finishing his work, a group of bleary-eyed nobles confronted him.

'You're the one who plotted to overthrow the royal family!
'You plague god!
One after another, the nobles shouted abuse at Patrick,

'What the hell are these people talking about?
Patrick asks Wayne, who is standing nearby.

'Well, it looks like they believed McClane's crap,' Wayne said.
Wayne says,

'That? Are they crazy?
Patrick says, glancing at the cursing nobleman,

'Shut up! If it weren't for you, the kingdom wouldn't be in chaos!
' shouts one of the nobles.

'What if Henry's guy had become king and messed things up?

'Even if you hadn't come back, the guards might have taken care of him!

'No, this is no good. I can't talk rationally! Hypotheticals are useless. Your brother-in-law, no, His Royal Highness Prince William, no, let's call him His Majesty now. What are your thoughts?
Patrick stopped dealing with the nobleman and turned to Prince William.

'I don't think it's Patrick. I don't believe Patrick is the cause of this, and I don't believe he's lying about what he did to my brother Henry when he saved us from our feelings! Just ......'


'Thus many from my faction are saying that Patrick is the mastermind. It will take time to resolve this through discussion. Some of them even have opinions of my own. I don't know what to do.
Prince William looked puzzled.

'Oh, I see, I see. Your Majesty, I have not changed my mind about you, but this is an emergency. I would like your permission for my actions without saying a word.'

'What are you doing? I'd prefer not to kill you if possible.'

'No killing or ...... is that it? Okay, I'll take the no-kill option.'

'Then, trust Patrick, I give you permission!

'Thank you for the happiness.
With that, Patrick bowed to William, then turned to the bleary-eyed nobleman,

'So, you're satisfied that I'm gone from this country?
He turned to the nobles and asked.
Many of them nodded, and as if representing them, a certain Marquis said,

'Of course!
' said a certain Marquis.

''Then we will become independent from this country. The Snakes Frontier Counties will now, from this moment on, call themselves the Kingdom of the Snakes! Then farewell!
Patrick was about to walk away when three nobles drew their swords,

'You have revealed yourself! You treacherous bastard! Did you think you'd make it out alive?
He then drew his sword from his left hip and spun around from the right side, turning around and slicing through the bodies of the nobles as if he were cutting a radish.

Just one swing.
With that one swing, he slashed all three at the same time.
The lower half of his body remained standing while the upper half of his body fell to the ground one after another.

'You mouth-breathing scum! You should be ashamed in front of His Majesty! Did you think you could defeat me who has always fought against demons? You fools are just sitting there with your mouths open in disbelief! You're lucky I don't kill you all! Your Majesty, no! The Mental King! I'm sorry! I killed three of you. In self-defense, please forgive me. Now if you'll excuse me. Poo! Come on!

Pooh, who had been circling in the sky, descended at high speed and landed with a resounding thud. Riding on the back of Pooh, Patrick soared up into the sky,

'The territory of the Snakes Frontier Counts will now declare its independence as the Kingdom of the Snakes! And the Snakes Frontier Count Army will now be known as the Snakes Kingdom Army! Snakes Kingdom Army, return to the Kingdom of Snakes! I repeat! Snakes Kingdom Army, return to the Snakes Kingdom! If there are any Mental Kingdom soldiers blocking the way, cut them down! The 8th and 2nd Armies will be leaving my command, but they are welcome to defect to the Kingdom of Sneks! All others are welcome to defect as well! That's all!

With that, Patrick flies away.