290-a wickedness

After Keselowski left,

'To what extent does the magic work?'
Bendrick asked,

'A few hundred meters around the castle, if you're jealous. I deployed the spell before nightfall, so the Dauphin's men may already be under it. I'll take care of everything.
Arnold, the butler, returns.

'I thought that if I gave the greedy Snakes power, he would eventually take over the royal family and create a new mental kingdom, but he's so obedient to the king that I'm disappointed. I told the king to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he's so ungrateful! Arnold, I hope your magic turns him in our favor. The Mental Kingdom has grown too gentle. Or is it the Mental Kingdoms? I miss the good old days of war. For the sake of my ambition and the previous king's, who wanted to crush the current royal family and revive the strong Mental Kingdom, or even the continent, the royal family must change. If the Snakes don't come to us, we'll crush the Andretti Dukes and the other houses with the right to the throne, and we'll be the ones with the strongest royal blood in the Marquis family, and in the beginning of the Bendrick Dynasty of the Mental Kingdom, we'll have our son push the Empire out of the way, and the Mental Kingdom will be the champion of the continent! That pterodactyl is a nuisance, but we can take it out with a sweep of the castle ballista!
I could see the stagnant murk in Bendrick's eyes as he said this.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom of the royal castle, a maidservant washes McClane's back as he cleanses himself.
McClane's hands are caressing the maidservant's skin.

'Your Highness, is it today again?
The maid of honor says, without refusal, as her bottom is stroked.

'My wife alone is not enough for me. When she is pregnant, I will take her as my second queen, don't worry, Sita.
Prince McClane said as he continued to stroke her ass,

'What if I'm pregnant first?
Theta, the maid of honor, asks McClane with a wicked smile.

'Then you'll be the first queen, Sita.
Unable to see Theta's face, McClane looks forward and replies to Theta.

'I'm glad!'
Theta hugged McClane's back.
And just like that, Theta and McClane, the third prince, are flirting.

I'm amazed that you can't grasp the situation so well after that exchange.
You might be able to excuse it as the result of magic, but I'm not sure if there's anyone you can excuse it to.

And so, the dark eyes of the third prince of McClane and his maid of honor, Sita, watched from the shadows of the thick pillars in the large bathroom, hidden.

'Oh, that McClane guy can do whatever he wants, can't he? But I can't say I'm surprised. What's a first queen in this situation? She's pretty dumb too. Have fun with that. I'll just go scratch around the castle for now.
Patrick leaves, leaving graffiti on the door of the dressing room.

'Sita's also sleeping with Prime Minister Bendrick,' he says.

and carved it firmly into the door with a knife.

Later, through the doorway of Bendrick's room,

She slipped a letter through the door of Bendrick's room that read, "Theta took a bath with McClane and had a good time, didn't she?

Keselowski's room.

And a letter to Keselowski's room.

Bendrick's daughter is in the hands of his butler, Arnold. Are you sure?

Is that okay?

After that, he went around putting men's underwear in women's rooms and vice versa, throwing food on the floor, covering the corridors with sewage, finding a soldier from the 3rd Army, punching him in the back and looking down at him as he fell,

'Hey, you've got some nerve antagonizing me. Do you want to die?
' he would threaten.

To the trembling soldier,

'If you don't want to die, turn yourself in when we get into battle! All right!'
And with that, he's gone.

Even though he is invisible, Patrick can do whatever he wants.