289-to argue

Meanwhile, outside the castle, the leaders have moved into their tents as the sun has set and are in the middle of a meeting.

'It's true that there have been many rebellions since Snakes became a noble. This is the first time in the kingdom's history that a series of royal rebellions have occurred.
The head of a certain noble family said,

'It's just a coincidence, isn't it? The only thing that could be indirectly attributed to the Snakes Frontier Count is the riot over the kidnapping of Princess Thornalis.
'No,' said Captain Andretti, commander of the Kingsguard.

'No, it's true that many families were unable to run their estates because of the Snakes, and were forced to evade taxes and were punished by the royal family.
Another nobleman said,

Another nobleman said, 'All you have to do is borrow money from somewhere else to pay for the operation. It's wrong to evade taxes without doing so. Besides, it's because you're fighting against Pat when you don't have the skills to do so.
said DeCourse Von Canaan, the Royal Mage.

'Royal Mage Kanaan, please keep your mouth shut! You are Snakes' cousin.

'In the first place, the speed of his rise is extraordinary. Westin's rebellion, isn't it possible that he was behind it?

'Because the Rigsby family was also involved!

'A man who would cut off his own parents with his own hands in the first place. You don't know what he's thinking!
' they said to me.

'No, Patrick is not that kind of man!
Prince William denied it,

'But Prince William, even so, his rise to power is too fast. Even if he was the king's favorite, too many things have happened. The story about the plot to kidnap Princess Thornalis, that's the story he reported to the king, isn't it?
Some of them even retorted to William.

'That's the information we have!
' shouted Abbott, the frontiersman,

'The Abbott frontiersman is allied with him, isn't he? I don't believe you!

'You're saying we've been lying to you?

'Many houses have been destroyed because of what the iron fox said.

'We only report the truth!

''And where's Snakes, the one who's behind all this! Did he run away?

The heads of the noble families who had gathered around William began to argue with him.

In the meantime, what about the royal castle?

'What about the reinforcements? Why haven't they come yet?
Why haven't the reinforcements arrived yet? !' The third prince, McClane, kicked the furniture in the room and took it out on him,

The third prince kicked the furniture in the room and took it out on McClane, saying, 'Your Highness, why don't you take a hot bath to calm down?
Prime Minister Bendrick, whose eyes were out of focus, soothed the Third Prince McClane.

'Uh-huh. Yes, let's do that.
The Third Prince McClane exits the room.

'Good grief, he may be big, but he's still a child.
Prime Minister Bendrick says in a slightly disgusted voice.

'Indeed. He's still a little young at heart.
Baron Keselowski nodded.

'I hope the Kingdom of Plum will be here by tomorrow.
' said Prime Minister Bendrick,

'That's right, sir, but I just received a report from one of my men in optical code (a kind of Morse code that uses lamps and is often used to communicate after dark) that the border gates were closed and they couldn't even enter the Kingdom of Plum. The Snakes may have taken some kind of countermeasure. There is a possibility that the Plum Kingdom will not come. The grandson of the Marquis Gibbs, who was under house arrest at Prime Minister Bendrick's house, has also been recaptured.
Baron Keselowski said complacently.

'My house is shattered! That Snakes guy!

'What are you going to do now that there may be no reinforcements coming?

'Nothing, I still have a plan. I'll leave it to you.

'We don't have much time left. I'm counting on you. I'll go give the orders to my men.
Keselowski said, and left the room.