288-butler Arnold

Prime Minister Bendrick was shouting in his office.

'Why is the Southern Army besieging the castle with them! Why hasn't Plum Kingdom come yet! What's going on? Keselowski!'
Prime Minister Bendrick spat and screamed.

'I don't know, sir.
'I don't know,' said Keselowski,

'You don't understand!
Bendrick yells at Keselowski.

'We haven't received any information for ten days. I thought the last of my men would have returned by now.

'That's enough! Back off!'
I said, making Keselowski step back,

'Hey, Arnold! What's going on here? What's going on?
' Prime Minister Bendrick shouts at the dark elf steward.

'No, we'll just get the Snakes on our side. He was originally the third son of a baronet. Considering his upbringing, he's probably filled with greed. It's obvious from the way he's rising now. The fact that he is steadily acquiring money and power is proof of that. We haven't had a chance to contact him before, but now he's right outside the castle. If we tell him that we're going to give him everything west of the kingdom, it wouldn't be surprising if he rolled over to us, right?
Butler Arnold replies with a calm face.

'His wife is William's sister, you know.
' says Prime Minister Bendrick,

'You should have assigned many beautiful women to her instead of that little prickly, unattractive one. Isn't there a lot of beautiful women with big breasts, such as the second princess Sofia and the maidservant Sita, who are under house arrest in the villa?

'No, not Sita!
Prime Minister Bendrick refused to use Sita.

'Why not?

'What's no good is no good!

'Well, okay. Let's use the second princess Sofia or another woman. A fief, a title, a woman... if we can win them over and make them betray us, they'll collapse. After all, there's a pterodactyl!

'Will it work?

'I have my magic.

'To control jealousy and greed, right?

'Yes, all human beings are more or less jealous all the time. He comes from a good family and is unfair. He's rich and I'm jealous. It's because of such feelings that you've risen in the world, so you must be very jealous. The more jealous you are, the easier it is for my magic to work.

'Like McClane?

'His Royal Highness McClane was so jealous that he was immediately affected. He wanted to be king, he wanted a woman. He wanted to be strong. Well, he also wanted to be like the Snakes. I didn't understand what they meant, though. Now, have a cup of tea and calm down.

Bendrick drank the tea that Arnold served him.

As soon as he did, Prime Minister Bendrick's eyes became unfocused, and the whites of his eyes began to bleed a little.

The whites of his eyes began to bleed a little. 'Hmm, the medicine was running a little low. Watch out, watch out. I think I'll add a little magic to it as well.
Then he put his finger on Prime Minister Bendrick's forehead and started muttering something,

'Thank you, God of Jealousy, for giving me this power.
He then takes out a small gemstone and a knife with a blade as long as his little finger from his pocket, cuts the tip of his little finger with the knife, and soaks the gemstone with the dripping blood. The ochre-colored gem gradually turned black, and a black blur emerged from the gem, enveloping Bendrick.

It then spread throughout the castle, enveloping McClane, Theta, and the others, and spreading thinly outside the castle.

'Kukkuk, my god's power may be the strongest. Those affected by the spell will lose a bit of their reasoning and won't be able to think properly, but that can't be helped and will be taken care of. Empire. Watch me now!
muttered Arnold, the butler.