Soldiers from the local territorial armies gathered one after another in the royal capital, surrounding the royal castle.

The Marquess of Dixon's army in the south, the Viscount Canaan's army, and the southern army led by Provisional Major General Cubes.

To the north is the Abbot's Army led by the Abbot Frontier Count. There are many soldiers from the mountainous regions here.

To the east are the Viscount Wylie's forces.

To the west, of course, are the Snakes' Frontier Counts. And then there's Baron Wylie's army, Baron Van Pelt's army and Viscount Connor's army.

Not only the families with large armies, but also the nobles of the so-called Dauphin's Realm had almost all gone to war, with some exceptions.
The exceptions were the territories where the women and girls of the nobility took refuge to avoid being caught up in the fighting.
Of course, there are soldiers from other houses in those territories to support them.

The 3rd prince's group, on the other hand, is preparing for a siege in the royal castle.
Originally, a siege was a strategy that relied on reinforcements, and now that Patrick had crushed the reinforcements from the Kingdom of Plum, it was a foolish plan, but that had not yet been conveyed.

The Third Prince McClane stares at the Dauphin's army from the window of the surrounded castle.

'Hmph! They're swarming like ants.''
When Prince McClane said that, a jet-black pterodactyl flew noiselessly as if it was gliding in the sky.

'Open the gates now! Surrender now! I'll save your life, McClane!''
Patrick shouts from behind Pooh's back.

The nobles and soldiers surrounding the royal castle stare and listen quietly.

'Shut up! It's all your fault!
The Third Prince McClane shouts at Patrick as he rides on the back of Pooh.

'Why is it my fault?
Patrick quickly replied,

'Ever since you became a nobleman, nothing good has happened in this country! My brother rebelled, the nobles revolted, I was supposed to take credit for it, and you took the liberty of destroying the forbidden House of Stein, and it's all your fault!
You're to blame for all of this,' shouted the Third Prince McClane, spitting in the air!

'The rebellion wasn't my fault, you know! I saved your life during Henry's rebellion, and you're talking out of your ass, you little brat!

'Who's a kid! It's because of the fear I felt back then that I still can't go to the bathroom alone at night! It's your fault!

'I didn't do anything to you back then!

'Anyone would have done so if they were exposed to that kind of deadly energy nearby!

'Except you!

'Sita and Angelica, my maidservants, said they couldn't go to the bathroom at night!

'You're a man, aren't you?

'What does it matter if I'm a man or a woman?

Sona can go by herself!

'Don't lump me in with my crazy sister who's marrying you!

'Don't you dare talk bad about Sona! I'll kill you! You're the one who's crazy, you were there when Henry was killed and now you're the one who's revolting again!

'I'm normal! Even Bendrick, Ganash, and Keselowski are helping me! Even Bendrick said so! Snakes is not the Grim Reaper, he's a demon who will bring destruction to this country! Do you have any idea how many hundreds of people have had their lives ruined because of you? If it weren't for you, many families wouldn't have rebelled! Those who side with my brother! Think about it! Can you think of any noble families that rebelled because of your involvement with him? How many territories have been starved by merchants who were baited with wine and forced to flee their lands? How many territories where the dwarves disappeared? All the dwarves that disappeared are in his domain! You pestilence!
The third prince of MacLane spoke a long line of words, but a certain number of people were convinced by his words.

'Shut up! I don't care where I sell the sake I brewed! I'll give you one night to discuss it with Bendrick and his retainers! Surrender now! All right!
Patrick said as he left,

'I've never slept better because of him. I'm not surrendering!
McClane spat.