The mother and child are tied tightly with ropes to a wooden post found in the rubble, and the post is held in both of Pooh's arms.
In a basket on his back are the grandson of the Marquis Gibbs and his handmaiden.
And Patrick.

Even though two of the five are children, Pooh's flight speed will be slow.
While showing the inhabitants of the capital the jet-black pterodactyl, he lands at the Marquis Gibbs' mansion and has a touching reunion with the Marquis Gibbs and his grandson, who have rushed out of the mansion.

Patrick hugged his grandson to the Marquis Gibbs,

Patrick told the Marquis Gibbs, who held his grandson in his arms, 'Seek protection from the Andretti family. The capital will be even more chaotic now. If you're a nobleman without an army, the only place you can go if you get caught up is the afterlife.
With that, Patrick took off.

He flew at a lower altitude than usual, leaving behind a souvenir of the fear of the pterosaur for those who lived in the area where he flew.

He arrived at the Abbott frontier family.
Patrick and the Abbot frontiersmen on the sofa in the drawing room.

'So you're saying that your mother is being escorted north by Viscount Wylie's soldiers?
Ryan's wife, Crozier, asks.

'Yes, I offered to take her from the air, but she stubbornly refused,' Patrick said.
Patrick said,

'I know the feeling.
'I can understand that,' says Abbott, the frontiersman.

'It's a nice view, though.
Patrick replies,

'I thought it was just the frontiersman,' Ryan says.
Ryan said,

'No, Sona usually walks in the sky with us.
Patrick looked at Ryan and denied that he was the only one.

'I guess we're just like each other.
Ryan said with a bit of exasperation.

'Well, now that we've rescued you, you'll have to make good on your promise,' Patrick said.
Patrick said, looking at the Abbott frontiersman.

'Of course! We will march our troops to King's Landing. Once they arrive, they'll be under the command of House Andretti.
The Abbot looked Patrick in the eye and said.

'Take care of him. I will return to the estate.
Patrick left his seat,

Abbott, the frontiersman, also left his seat.

'Yeah, I'll see you in King's Landing! No need to see me off.'
Patrick said, shaking hands with Abbott and Ryan before leaving the reception room.

Patrick rides away on the back of Pooh, heading west.
Ryan and Frontier Abbott watch from the parlor window.

Ryan opens his mouth, staring at the jet-black pterodactyl flapping its wings in the western sky.

'What is it? Ryan.
The Abbott frontiersman, also looking at the pterosaur in the sky, responds to his son's question with a question.

'It's a good thing we're allies, isn't it?

'Of course it was! There's nothing but death for us against that thing! To rebel against them would be insane!

'Yes, sir.

'Well, I'm heading to King's Landing. Ryan, you stay here and take care of the territory.

'I'll have more men than you.

'You're the heir to House Abbott. I can't let you go to your death!

'Father! You're not going to die, are you?

Of course I'm not dying! But you never know what will happen in war. And this is a royal mess. Any move you make there will affect your family's rank! I'd rather risk my life and make my grandson Marc's life a little easier than survive with a stupid move.
The Abbott frontiersman said, shifting his gaze to his sleeping grandson in the arms of Crozier, his son's wife, who sat on the sofa.

'I want to survive so that Marc will have the memory of your father's face,' Ryan said.
Ryan stared straight into his father's face.

'Don't worry! Count Snakes is coming! We'll make it back alive. Then let's get ready.

Ryan stared at his father's back as he walked away,
'I hope you have a safe trip.
He murmured.