285-to crumble

'Marquis Gibbs' son, Kent, I believe? Wake up the Kent boy for now and prepare for a quick escape.
Patrick opened a small window for ventilation.

The window was not large enough for anyone to fit through, but it was 30 centimeters square and was really just for ventilation and light.
Patrick stuck his head out the window and stared into the sky.

He could see a slight black object circling in the black sky.

'What the hell are you preparing?
' asked the maidservant, turning her head back in through the window,

'Get dressed and pack a bag or something to take home.

'Yes, sir!
The maidservant replied, then hurriedly shook Kent awake and helped him dress.

Patrick peeked out the window again,
'Pooh, I'm here!
Patrick looked out the window again and shouted, 'Pooh, I'm here!

Pooh, who had seen Patrick's face through the window, came down to the window,

'Pooh, break this wall,' Patrick said to Pooh.
Patrick says to Pooh.

Patrick says to Pooh, 'Pooh, break this wall'. Pooh squeals and destroys the wall with his leg.

Kent and the maids in the room scream, but Patrick doesn't care and kicks the rubble away.

The sound and vibration of the broken wall caused a commotion in the house.
Voices can be heard everywhere.

Patrick picks up the maidservant, who is carrying Kent-boy and a bag of goods in her arms, and throws them through a hole in the wall into a basket on the back of Pooh.
They screamed, but were completely contained in the basket.

Patrick then jumped onto Pooh's back and heard him running towards him,

'I don't want to get shot with an arrow. I'll hold them off. Pooh, destroy this room for now.
He ordered Pooh.


At the same time, the blow of Pooh's tail destroys not only the inside of the room, but also the room on the other side of the corridor.

The old building, with its brick exterior walls and wooden interior walls, could no longer support the weight of the roof as the walls were destroyed to such an extent that it came crashing down.

There was a scream, but that was nothing to worry about.
Patrick told Pu to climb up and looked at the crushed house from the sky.

From the first floor, among the rushing servants of the mansion, he saw a mother and her child dressed in luxurious bedclothes.

'Ganache's wife and son? No, wife and grandson.'
Patrick's mouth twisted into a grin.

He jumped down from Pooh's back, disappeared from sight, approached the mother and child, aimed at the child who was struggling to escape with his small body, and quickly held the child in his arms.

The child shouted,

' the mother shouted as she saw her son in Patrick's arms.

'You're Ganash's son's wife, aren't you?'
Patrick said,

'I want my son back! You bandit!
' said the mother, who did not seem to know Patrick's face.

'Ho! How dare you, the wife of a rebellious family?
Patrick said in disgust,

'I don't know anything about rebellion! Hurry up and release my son!
'I don't care about the rebellion!

'If you didn't know, you wouldn't need the police!

'I don't know what the police do, but I had nothing to do with the rebellion!

'I don't know what the police action is, but I had nothing to do with the rebellion!' 'How can you use such an excuse when the family you married into is cooperating with the rebellion?

'What you don't know, you don't know! Do you have any idea who the bandits are talking to! Do you think you can live with the Marquis family as your enemy!

'Do you know who you're talking to? I'll give you a name! Patrick Von Snakes! Don't tell me you're a nobleman and don't know it!

'Shh, Reaper!

'If you don't want to die right now, be quiet! I'll let Ganash choose between you and your son's life. If you don't man up, I'll cut you down right here!
Patrick said with a killing intent.

With a small scream, the mother fell to the ground.

Her son, who was being held by her side, had already fainted, leaking urine from being so close to the killer.