284-flustered soldier

Jay Jay runs down the hallway.

Towards the soldiers' quarters.

The first words out of his mouth as he opened the door were,

'Everyone run! The Reaper is coming!
The Reaper is coming!

'''' What? Seriously? ''''
The words of the soldiers present, all of whom knew Patrick, came together.
The soldiers in Ganash's compound looked puzzled, having heard the rumors but not really feeling it.

J-Jay didn't pay any attention to the soldiers of Ganash's mansion,

'Yeah, they'll let us go if we surrender to the 2nd or 8th Army! You guys know from your daily training that fighting the god of death is like challenging a god with a needle! I don't want to die, so I'm surrendering! Only those who want to die should guard the house! Tell the others! I got 15 minutes! We've been running for over a minute! We've only got about 13 minutes left! If there's anyone you want to help, tell them now and get out of here!
I said,

'You! You're trying to escape!
A soldier from Ganash's house grabbed me, saying,

'Shut up! You don't know the horror of the Reaper! Get out of my way!
He then struck the soldier with all his might and neutralized him.

He kicked the soldier in the abdomen as if to finish him off as he fell to the floor, and then glared at the other Ganash soldiers,

'If you're going to run, you'll have to neutralize anyone who stands in your way, like this guy, before you run away! I can't have you getting in my way! All right! I'll tell the guys outside and then run! Then I'll go first!
With that, J-Jay runs out of the room.

He must have run to the soldiers outside.

The remaining soldiers in the room..,

'I'm surrendering! What do you mean, you have a plan? We've been infiltrated at the drop of a hat!
They were swearing,

'No! I don't even want to be in the same house right now!
I don't even want to be in the same house right now!

I promised to marry the maid of honor here, what should I do?
What should I do?' said the one who was having a good time with the woman,

'Why don't you just take her and run?
And the neighbor hit him on the head.

'Hey, is this a good time to talk? The Reaper will kill you if you don't hurry! Move now!

At the same time, the soldiers in the room started running.


After Jaijay left the room, the house was quiet but definitely noisy, Patrick shook the sleeping maidservant by the shoulder to wake her up, who looked at Patrick with sleepy eyes,

'I'm here to help.
I'm here to help you,' he tells her.

'What? Who is it?
The maid asks.

'Patrick von Snakes. A dauphinist nobleman.'
I say,

'Are you His Excellency Count Snakes of the Frontier? I beg your pardon.
The maidservant stood up hurriedly and bowed.